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What are your pet peeves ?

Once my feet get cold it's all over. I've broken down and bought a big box of hand warmers for my shoes. They're helping tremendously.

Pet peeve #483
People who flirt to get ahead. They look ridiculous and it very rarely works. Eventually they have to use their noggin.
Some days it's the small things that send me over the edge... I have quite few Pet Peeves, and thought others would like to share theirs....

People pulling out in front of me, when no traffic behind me, to go one block and turn....
People standing in the middle of the isle while shopping...and being totally ignorant to me standing there fuming. I back up, go around the other isle to get to what i need, and then they are gone when I get there .....
Someone saying 'huh' when you have told them something really important.
Wishy washy people, friendly one time and a blank stare the next... (hmm, just thought, that could be one of US !)

My list is huge . Patience is NOT one of my virtues... so will leave room for others to share...
I would have to say that I agree with a great number of your pet peeves but one That really pisses me off is when I’m talking and another person (who wasn’t even in the convo) decides to butt in and basically lectures me on my thoughts (happens more than you think) . The list goes on

loud eaters
people who date you because they lonely and not because they genuinely like you …
mouth noises in general
when I’m washing dishes and I finish and then someone puts another dish in the sink ( you know who you are )

idk anymore , can like the entire world be a pet peeve because the world really ticks me off ….
I’m prolly bein dramatic again , but its whatever ….

-your buddy
Alex 🙃🍄
It’s not something to actually get upset/angry about, because if I lived alone NO ONE would be cooking for me, but?

It just makes me heave my sides and sigh (disappointment married to concern over their general intelligence level, like they’re not usually this effing DUMB) …that the way my family operates… if I’m working a 10-14 hour day, and coming home far too exhausted to cook even if the kitchen was clean (and I wouldn’t first have to clean up after everyone else’s dinner mess, before cooking my own)? No one cooks anything for ME (because I’m not going to be there). But my day off, the first time I can actually cook something all durn week? THAT’S when they decide to cook for me. 😖

In the past 3 weeks? There have been a grand total of 2 meals I got a part in. Both on my days off.

It’s just like… WTF People?!? 🤪
Modern technology - great when it works but, getting gas at Costco today and I start the car which suddenly decides my wife is driving. Me 6' her 5'2". Next thing I know I'm smashed up against the steering wheel and dash board... That's after last night when our ISP's (and cable provider)system crashed - in the middle of the hockey game.....