What are your pet peeves ?

Housing associations who advertise properties before they're ready to be let.

I was offered a property at the end of February, keys have still not been handed back. Six weeks later I haven't even been told if i can view it yet, but because I'm classed as having a suitable offer pending, I can't apply for anything else.

I am so sick of people using the waiting game as a control technique.


It's not just getting older. I used to know where things I put away years ago were.....now since trauma 2, I cant remember where the sunglasses in my hand are......
Ugh. Brain fog. I hate that. Gets better with time (at least it did for me) but really sucks. You can possibly work on memory, but brain fog sort of blindsides you. You just don't function like usually. Still happens to me when I get really triggered. Hope it gets at least a bit better for you too.

Pet peeve for me is learning all I can about PTSD and anxiety and depression, learning coping skills, adapting, putting a LOT of hard work to be better... and then sometimes getting so triggered randomly and all my coping going out the window. And being out of control. Drives me nuts.