What do you need emotionally right now, and why?


I think all emotional needs are based on the primitive level brain trying to stay in the group to maybe survive and reproduce kids that also want to stay in the group. Loners died, socially accepted and willing to jump through hoops to stay that way survived. Even todays loners come from a long line of hoop jumpers, and it messes with us.

Today, I would like to just trust someone. Sadly, being trustworthy and having 5 bucks gets you a fair cup of coffee, and possibly assaulted on the street walking home or endangered by a text and drive idiot driving home. I trust no one. Wish that wasn't true but wishes and 5 bucks is good for another cup of coffee. As always, trustworthy and signing off.....


Someone novel, a good group and net of friends l can go out with.

I think this boils down to, I want a vaccine.

I've always used to have at least one close friend around me I realize. Even in chaotic moments. We'd be at least two laughing or asses out in chaos/boredom. Of course I can't replicate this teenage thing but as far as my situation as an adolescent was so much worse than now by many aspects, there still was that. Now the solitude is f*cking brutal. I cannot let that happen.

I'm a creature of companionship. Romantic or not. Like a pigeon. Or a duck? No ducks are violent. Wood pigeons seem nice. Or jackdaws. They're very cute when you see them looking for worms together.

So yes I need this back and forth movement with someone I trust and feel safe with, someone I have that form of warm camaraderie. And laughing, for f*ck sakes. I just miss the times I'd see something silly and would have a giggle trip.