What do you need emotionally right now, and why?


I need to really get "the things I cannot change". I had to take my granddaughter today to try to get a mental hygiene order on her mother, who has been an addict for the past 30 years. These days she is drinking herself to death. I don't think she will meet the criteria and have to accept that she won't help herself.
I need strength.
I need a positive attitude
I need to push the re-set button on my own life.


I need someone or some people to sit with me and tell me things are going to work out. Help and support to make something of my life. For the abuse to stop from people I had problems with. I'm just so bored every day. My life is just being wasted. And a hug.



How do people differentiate between what they want and what they need?

I feel like part of my issue is I'm cocky AF and pathologically independent. So it's like "do whatever you want. I'm good over here". N I'll say "I need cake" or "I need to chat to someone" or whatever, but I also could replace the word "need" with "want" n it doesn't change owt, cos I don't *need* it.

Again. Apologies. I'm very dense as a human.


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Maybe check out maslow's hierarchy of needs?

I need human interaction, I want fancy foods, don't need em.

At the mo I need a f*cking path I can walk. Some way of going forward instead of aimlessly waiting around.