What helps you make really difficult decisions?


I wish I could @Teasel , but I still don't know what I could possibly say. And who I need to say it to leaves the country tomorrow. I can only hope it won't cause me a larger pblm, though I know I will always be worrying it will.


I flip a coin n decide based on how I feel about the side it lands on 😅😅
I’ve never met anyone else who does this! 🤣

Just as it says. Thanks
It depends on what makes it difficult.

There is no clear choice that is in my best interests. If there was, I would not hesitate in choosing it. There are unknowns, very difficult limitations, and little to no prospect of support.
All things being equal? What do I desire?


Thanks all, thanks @Lumos For the chart, given it a go. I shall try one way, take things a day at a time.

Thanks @Rosebud crossposted. I'm really sorry you're trapped. Not having someone to talk things out with is hard for sure. Can't you change your mind?
Yeah, just take things one day at a time. I hope whatever it is, it works out for you. And in your favour 🤗