What Is Your Inner Child Feeling Today?


My inner child was stubborn Today. I have to do things today and every day to stay healthy. She has always hated bathing of any kind. Today, I'd walk into bathroom and absent mindedly find myself in the kitchen. Next trip to the shower, shed walk me to where I listen to my radio....


Inner child feels so much vulnerability, pain and sadness today about not belonging or being accepted by my famoly of origin. That kind of rejection is not easy to bear.
So I will be kind and comforting to my inner child- I accept you for who you are. I love you, unconditionally, for who you are.


Loved and protected by my adult self, but he feels lost because the immediate family has died off leaving me and my child self alone, so I have to explain that we were loved and not abandoned. It is confusing because my child self didn't get treated well by the father when I was young.