What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

Tornadic Thoughts

I got to see Rhiannon live several years ago, @Teasel ! Such an amazing musician! She was part of the band named Carolina Chocolate Drops. Good stuff!!!

Soaking up some Brandi Carlisle vibes tonight...

"When the fire inside that burns so bright begins to grow faded
It can be hard to see the ground on which you stand
Though you may not be afraid of walking in the darkness
You will feel like a stranger in this land..."



I just heard a you tube of sultans of swing as played by pink floyd. Gonna go load up the darkside for a run through. I think it is the album I learned the most by playing along with it on a guitar, definitely my most purchased piece of music, had it on several vinyl copies (posters inside!) and an 8 track, many cassettes, and my first CD purchase. The boys made some money on me.