Why being ignored makes me HYSTERICAL!

I know I’m over reacting in being upset, but isn’t this what having a traumatic history is about?
yes, you know what you are doing and why. I get that way over similar stuff too, and I know I do it. For me it is the repeat of the problem that sends me up the scale, and after a few repeats, in my mind it is going to be my fault it happened at all and definitely my fault it happened again and again. thats the way this works for me.
We have to try to work on it because the alternative is to be continually affected by negative actions we perceive as slights against us. I wish you luck, it is a hard part of the diagnosis to get around, this idea that we are just one repeated negative away from disappointment and escalation of symptoms and thats the way it goes. Working on it.
i think your friend is not handling it well. If she feels bad, stop stringing you along.

I feel bad when people don’t respond to me because usually they are ghosting me. I have abandonment issues.

But then again I’m bad at texting sometimes because I could be having a massive flashback

I guess it’s all relative.