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Xanax, Zoloft and Your Kidneys?

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Hi Veiled; glad to hear you went to the doctor! Sorry that he acted like he was blowing you off; if it had happened to me, I (probably) would've started crying,:crybaby: feeling as if the Dr. who was supposed to take care of me wasn't. Either that or I would've blown up at him.:angry-fla Just depends on the day, my mood, PMS time or not, etc.

Last year when I went to the Gyno, he told me I had a UTI (of course he tested my urine). I had absolutely no symptoms and wasn't about to take an antibiotics, as I have a phobia about the overuse of them. I didn't even get the script filled and to this day still have no symptoms.

Just make sure you take care of yourself. You've probably tried this, but what about cranberry juice? My husband is a nurse and says that's what the ER docs tell patients to drink when they come in with a UTI; the docs usually won't even write a script since the juice is so effective.
been doing the nasty juice, and taking cranberry supplements so I have that end covered. Thanks. I jump on it as soon as I have symptoms and they normally do clear on their own. Just a pain trying to find the diet juice that isn't loaded down with sugar and most places that even have the juice have it cut with apple or something. I am supposed to have sugar cut from my diet for the most part. And go figure, my teen daughter goes and drinks it when I find it even though she knows what I bought it for... The child is testing me.

Who knows, maybe these antibiotics will clear up the pain in my back and I will discover I can have a kidney infection for more than a couple months and it really is tolerable pain no matter if every other time I ended up in a hospital within a week of pain starting because I could not handle it... Should I hold my breath? ha ha.
Oh... this is the next thing I am doing on my to-do list... the research should be up by end of my night... which is within the next 8 - 10 hours.
Ok, as I said earlier in this thread, I have now transferred recent reading and research on [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread675.html"]xanax[/DLMURL] and [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/thread676.html"]zoloft[/DLMURL] into the medicines forum.

I have this to say about xanax though.... GET THE HELL OF IT ANYONE WHO IS ON IT.

I hope that was clear enough from my viewpoint after reading through the side effects from that drug. It is an anxiety only drug, and my god...
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Been working on it like a mother. I am down to 3mg from the 10 and I was going to cut this AM but me being brain dead and last night just riddled with nightmares, very vivid I could remember this time, I woke in panic and just took my meds without thinking I was supposed to cut this AM.

Just remember this is a drug to come off very slowly, you can kill yourself stopping all at once. And the 9-10 mg is really not a common dose here. 3- 4 is. Every doctor I have seen has about crapped their pants to see I was dosed so high. You don't funtion long at that high. If I had stayed that dose I swear I would be a vegtable by now. Like my brain turned to mush. If you have never done xanax, do not go down the same hellish path I have, it is a bitch getting your brain back. I got to where I could not even count money, when my brain decided to fry on it it was fast acting in that direction. They have no choice but to change meds or up the dose as you build up tolerance to the effects.

Looking at the side effects explained why I have all the symptoms of menopause. I swore I was too young for it, the hot flashes are a major pain on top of never being on time for my monthly who is never monthly any more visitor. Thanks Anthony.
I never thought of my use of psycho drugs as the cause of my infections, but you're making me think about it. I have had UTI's for the last five years. On average, I have at least 5 of them per year. I almost ALWAYS bleed with them. One time it was so bad that I actually had a low blood count. And they happen so FAST! If I feel kind of funny at noon, I'll be bleeding by four. So if this happens at night, I'm totally screwed. I've only had to go to the ER once. And it was because of pain, not because of the blood. I think they only asked me about five times in different ways if I was having my period. "Uhhhh, I work in the OB department...don't you think I"d know?"

So for me, if I have a UTI, I have bleeding. I have to admit, it becomes predictable and not such a big deal. The only explanation I got was that I have a UTI and more than likely, I have stones in my kidneys too big to pass so they irritate the hell out of my kidneys. Every once in a while, I'll get a jab of pain in my middle back...and it does hurt. I suck in my breath, but by the time I blow it out, the pain is gone. Very quick and intense. The most jabs in one day was about five of them. I've found a corrolation between my use of caffiene and frequency of jabs. So, more water, more water, more water.

The last time I"ve had one was last month. So I might get a few months respite. Sad, isn't it? Now, I've had pscho drugs, xanax, prozac, wellbutrin, and seroquel. I don't, however, see a corrolation of the bleeding vs. the drugs. I've gotten UTI's with bleeding even without being on anything.

Also, I've never had bleeding where there isn't an infection. They go hand in hand. I wish you the best of luck and if you wish to talk more...PM me!
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