Anxiety Medications


Anyone receiving anxiety medication that actually works to relieve your anxiety?

If so, please share with me which medication and dosage you are taking.

I've not had anything that has helped me, except for one time when I was prescribed low dose Ativan/lorazepam. However, that was a one-time thing and before and after all doctors would prescribe is Atarax / Vistaril which I have been telling doctors for years does not work for me.

I have intense anxiety and panic attacks and need some relief. I see my new psychiatrist tomorrow maybe he will prescribe something different for me. Anyway, I would still like to hear about what works for you.

Thanks in advance,
Hi, buspiron is helping me, I didn’t think it was, bit it does call me, I’ve had some really rocky times lately, I’ve been working, running, with my sons and that’s it, I’ve avoided lots of people, the people I support I get on better with than anyone right now:)