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Anxious thoughts from single comments

I understand the part about work being triggering. I often have to read things that are difficult and it sometimes gets to me.
How do you cope? I have this job precisely because in a sea of jobs that can be triggering this one was the least triggering at a time when I was low. Kind of right time right place if you will...
But, we are bringing our positive energy to the situation just by being us, even if we are one or more steps removed from it. And taking care of ourselves is always a good thing. I'm sure your transcriptions are excellent.
Thank you. Usually are, but I gotta say this last file is surely not my finest. Between noise and many speakers it's barely comprehensible. But to be fair I don't believe that are many people that can do better with that file, so I figure 1 imperfect file amongst the rest that are decent is okay. It's anyway too late to return it now, may as well do my best.
And I was wondering how you were . . . I'm impressed that you're putting in the time required to get past this :)
Well, before I had my tiny-not-so-tiny breakdown over trips and eviction and depression, the original deadline had to be 7th.
Can't catch up too fast on this kind of work- unless you're used to it, you do too many hours- words start to mash and lose meaning, so...
I've pushed the deadline on pretty much everything in my life, work, health appointments, free possibly therapy, maybe food back, job seeking, cheaper apartment seeking, back-paying bills... Basically I'm holding down the fort of spending 10 days working increasingly longer (current top is 10-11h) to finally finish so I can get back to all the rest, but a storm is waiting for me. So not sure how admirable that is...

But I am still here, which is something.
And I am proud of still feeling this depressed and working this much simultaneously. Sure it's pressing situation, but that usually always made things worse. So some things I'm satisfied by, in the chaos awaiting me.