General Anyone familiar with criminal law?


Am wondering whether the following could be considered 'involuntary manslaughter'. Person X repeatedly attempts suicide by repeatedly trying to step off their balcony on a high-level apartment in a short period of time, to replicate a suicide that took place in that same room by a close family member years earlier. Person Y stops them each time, takes them out of the room which they lock, and then moves X to another bedroom in the same apartment. It also has a balcony, so X is to be watched. Eventually person Y goes to the kitchen for tea, and person X proceeds to commit suicide by stepping off the balcony of the second bedroom. Clearly person X should have been taken to a psychiatric unit or at least a ground floor room with no other means of suicide. But could person Y have committed involuntary manslaughter?
Laws change from state to state, as well as how those laws are enforced even in the same state.

Whether or not your area places blame for not preventing a suicide on others? As well as what charges are filed under what circumstances? Really needs to be asked of someone practicing criminal law in your city.
Laws within different jurisdictions vary wildly. And from one country to the next, laws and social norms around the concepts of murder, suicide, and mental illness vary wildly. In some places, mental illness isn’t really a thing and suicide is still criminal, while in others ‘mental illness’ is used to excuse all sorts of abhorrent behaviour.

So, actual legal advice is next to impossible, and IMO would be irresponsible.

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