Poll Are You Familiar With The Top Ten Distorted Cognitions?

Are You Familiar With The Top Ten Distorted Cognitions?

  • Yes I am aware of the top ten distorted cognitions.

  • No I am not at all aware of the top ten distorted cognitions.

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ms spock

I was in the 66% for such a long time, so I really understand how that is, but it is heartbreaking to think of all those members who suffered without this knowledge. I still suffer but not as much.


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Yes @Disco Dancing Queen...I actually have a copy of the 10 distorted cognitions l...
Not able to ever perfect and not able to cure my incurable ptsd like a few seem to be doing since they are also mercilessly judging others with their ptsd and cognitive distortions..however...I try hard not to judge my fellow ptsd recovery buddies who are also in ptsd recovery because for me we are all in the same boat together...all so it seems that not everyone thinks this way.

Instead...I'm just trying to walk alongside of them and now trying very hard to just be supportive...and show them compassion and not to judge my fellow ptsd survivors (as some judge others oh so cruelly). And I am beyond grateful to D.D.Q. for posting these 10 cognitive distortions...she is one of many excellent role models here in this forum... for me! Woohoo!

For me...mercilessly judging (even in a veiled mis-attempt to do so) my fellow man re the above 10 cognitive distortions...and thus taking the very important and crucial focus off of my self in my ptsd recovery and then taking my magic, gigantic magnifying at times skewed thinking (especially in a veiled attempt to judge someone else) mind off of my self and my own maladaptive distorted thoughts...well...has never ever elevated me to any lofty pseudo-position...and also was always a failed attempt to diminish someone else and always stopped my ptsd growth...judging others never helped anybody.

And trying to judge and further diminish another precious person while wrestling with my own cognitive distortions always made me feel worse about my self and stopped my ptsd growth...I find people who can't look at their own cognitive distortions without taking a jab at others while doing so goes way beyond being counter-intuitive...and is counterproductive for themselves and for those whom they seem to feel they are well enough to mercilessly judge...and diminish (not lift up)...and by judging others they are diminishing themselves and their own ptsd recovery journey...such a vicious and cruel disservice to both themselves and also to the person whom they are cruelly trying and failing to diminish by judging others oh so mercilessly.

And lastly for me...it is NOT at all about how at times cruelly and judgingly I am at times mercilessly treated by another...or what I am called by someone who may be trying in a 'veiled' attempt to diminish me...for then I've given this person dominion over my heart, mind, and soul...it is all about who I am as a person...within my self and what I answer to (not at all about the person cruelly judging me)...that matters most to me. While dealing with my own cognitive distortions...I am free to discover and be...me.
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ms spock

This may be of interest @RunForever? I would strongly suggest that you have got to look at all the options before you take such permanent steps of going down the ending of your own life option.
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