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Art Thread

Ceramic plaque I made of the goddess Inanna. My goal is to make a mosaic frame for it.
A guy online asked me to draw this woman and he was not a robot like the second "person" who messaged asking me to do a commission.View attachment 63350
Very nice work!! Your client must be very pleased with your painting. Over all, you’ve captured her expression as being warm, friendly and openly inviting … a lovely portrait that’s enjoyable to view over and over again.

It’s difficult to paint a portrait using a photo. Working from life isn’t much easier though, life drawing offers the artist various viewing angles and different lighting. One photograph provides very little information.

I’ve noticed that most artists shy away from drawing people. I suspect, they find this subject too intimidating, if not too challenging.

Definitely, be cautious of these robots! Artists are especially vulnerable to online attacks.