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Ask a foreigner

This cap here is virtually a medical aid for me. Bright lights, even being outside much at all is painful for me and this lil cap is my favourite for reducing glare. I lost it last week but thankfully it is still available so I just received a new one today.

But I was just wondering about the brand, I can't find any info on their website about the brand. Have you heard of it? Do you know anything about it? Thanks

If you live in the pacific nw you probably have half a dozen things from here in your closet-- they are an awesome company for all things outdoors! 😄

Here's the actual website columbia sportswear
Outdoor Research… OR… all the way!

The “better” (by a thousand miles) than McColumbia or McNorth Face. Always in NatGeoSoc, and worn by service members whose branch or MOS actually has a budget.

The founder -astrophysicist / adventurer ticked off by the BS available retail- was killed in an avalanche in the early aughts, but was bought by Dan Nordstrom (the serious outdoorsman in the fam) in the wake of. his death. So it’s no longer all made in the USA with annual salmon BBQs at Ballard Park for every employee… but? Still owned by someone who actually lives/loves/works/survives outdoors.
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