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Ask a foreigner

I heart ❤️ hand pies.

Not the ‘Hot Pocket’ US version, but Puff pastry AU version. The Cornish version of “throw the crust away” (so it doesn’t poison you, just a lump of dough for your filthy hands to hold onto whilst you eat the good bit) is how I feel about American almost-anything-pie. Sweet or savory. The filling is great, the crust is dee-gusting (even if we don’t have coal/tin/mercury/etc. on our hands). Shudder. Sooooo gross. Yuck. Ick. Spit it out. Just scrape the filling out with your fork!

AU handpies.
Indian Samosas.
Even Italian Calzones.
Soooo delicious.

Pie crust? Is. Just. Gross.