Childhood Can being spanked or beaten with a belt as a child cause problems in adulthood

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It is not harmful to MOST teenagers ( this tactic isn't appropriate for young kids) to take unnecessary stuff.

From what I understood, we're talking -abused and neglected- teenagers here though.
(As per the very logic, wouldn't be on bad terms with the law if they were proper cared for.)
We're not really talking healthy teen population to begin with.

And I just said what's the difference.
Lost wasn't in any legal position to do any punitive moves like that.
Nor it sounds the situation absolutely warranted something that could be well argued was false imprisonment.


You'll have to ask her
Not really.

As from those comments: 'I was not a parent but I was a mother to many'...
Aka not a biological & legally appointed guardian.
Also not in a country where other arrangements of guardianship - Clan & ethnic & other cultural rules - take precedence as a common law of the land (thus unwritten but legal.)

And one without a rudimentary understanding of developmental psychology, nor tendency to be gentle, in a situation that harshness -wasn't- called for.

(Framework for saying it wasn't: It's not like they were all taken by an armed group, and the like. So harsh discipline? Translates to abuse, and not even abuse for the sake of necessary survival. Translates to mess, instead of proper command.)


@Zoogal, but that's -still family.-

Still a wider family (and also a common cultural practice all over the globe.)
And that's still -adults- providing guidance for children. Who can be assumed to have been responsible and in the position to take care, and make decisions, because adults. See? All of that makes still for widely different situations.


Ok folks, I'm very aware I contributed to starting this tangent but it's now ran and ran despite @lostforgottensoul saying she didn't want to debate the specifics of the situation and clearly asking for it to be left alone.

Can we please get back to the topic at hand which is about the potential long term impact of using physical punishment, spanking etc. If you want to debate other types of discipline in general you're very welcome to start a new thread but I think it's only fair to leave the specifics of @lostforgottensoul's situation here.

Anyone continuing this tangent will be threadbanned.
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It totally messed up my mind and my being beaten with a belt was not often and I was a teen. It really, really, really messed me up in many ways. It should never be used on a child. Those who say it didn't negatively effect them, I believe, is because our minds are very creative and denial is very powerful to help us keep our dignity.
It totally messed up my mind and my being beaten with a belt was not often and I was a teen. It really, really, r...
I agree, I used to be that person that thought it didn't affect me. This is even with all the problems I had (that i mentioned in this forum) because of it. Once I spoke to someone who saw it as abuse, it opened my eyes more than I wanted it to. I questioned just how well off I turned out and, unfortunately I realized that it did far more harm than good.
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