Christians Unite!


I don't usually pray out loud, mostly I pray from my heart and words are not used so much. I think God understands me and my heart, my needs and wants, and my life without me having to go over and over it with words.

I believe God knows what is best for me and if I want to be treated well, I need to start with I am asking for your prayers to further enhance my relationship with the Creator and my chosen religion.

I believe it is not by faith that we are saved, but by grace. I hope that God will grace me with a clean heart and soul, so that I will be blessed with the love and light of the holy spirit.


I have been praying for all those effected by Covid 19. That's just about every person in our world.

Other things to look at might be how many plagues are mentioned in the Bible. And speaking of the Bible, I have heard that it is selling out all over the world.


I hope everyone had a blessed Easter. Since I live alone, I listen to the radio a lot. It makes this whole thing easier. I listen to the Bible Broadcasting Network which is available in a lot of places. See if you can find it on your radio dial. Have fun!