Christians Unite!


I got our church's newsletter yesterday, and our secretary, bless her, had put everything on the calendar like (as if) we would be attending all our usual events. I heard that our first Church service will be on May tenth. Social distancing will be required, and we have a big Church, so I think we should be able to do it. Yay!


I had a nice home visit from my Pastor today. His wife came too. We talked about when church will reopen and he said it will most likely be at the end of next month. We even discussed the logistics of that. I gave him a book entitled Messy Grace. It is written by a pastor whose parents are gay. He said he would read it and then we would discuss it. Maybe even a small group could discuss it, he said. We are Methodists, so this is important to our international Church at this time.


Well, I was thinking we could have a virtual church service here on Sunday. Our weather here is supposed to be nasty, and churches are closed anyway, so who would like to give a sermon? We can't really sing hymns, unless we make up our own. Anyone musical here? Let's find a reason to join together in worship. No reason to wait for Sunday either. We can start now.


I never listen to hymns, but I did, this is a favorite, and a perfect waltz:

This I like the 1st shall be last, but I like the punchier version. But I feel like a child when I hear it:

This makes me cry, but at least in the right way. No version I really like though.

And this is Ed Sheeran. Hozier did it for Covid:

But then I found this. Which made me cry, in a good way. I think it's because I heard today of an Irish guy becoming a St (well he is one, just in the process), who I prayed my brains out to, though I don't remember why to him. Plus had a dream with him in it once, 'nuts' as I realize that sounds. I want to live long enough to see what 'day'/ date they give him

I do know, no one Irish could sing and not move that slow for long.. lasted 4.5 minutes :) ..
Come to think of it, it sounds like Lord of All Hopefulness, tune. :confused:
I think it's nice, because I need hope.

I think my problem is, I do see Christ, even in the as*holes. I wish I didn't, tbh. Although, I am sure I'm an as*hole to some others, too.
I like, 'Be thou my dignity'. ^^
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It is hard not having church. My church is going out into our town and bringing boxes of food to folks in the poorer areas. We have toys for the kids and even ice cream cones for them too.

God sees to it that the weather is nice too. It will rain before we go out, and after, but not while we go. We have such a good God!


I think my problem is, I do see Christ, even in the as*holes

I wish I could see Christ in the as*holes... but all I see are as*holes.
And then that makes me an as*hole. See how the cycle repeats.

I missed church too. We can go again but we´re not allowed to sing.

Yesterday I thought I should pick up my bible more often.
I get into these cynical moods and then I don´t do anything with it...