Christians Unite!


I don't see Christ in the people who hurt children, nor in those who look on and care not.
By hurt, I'm talking the worse things, not just shitty damaged parents who don't have better skills.

Also, why do Christians listen to, cleave to and believe "secular" news and media?

You can't follow two masters.

We shall know them by their fruits.

Yeshua wasn't all forgiving, remember his stance is on those who abuse chidren?

Also turn the other cheek is widely misunderstood. It relates to the Roman practise of wiping your bum with your left hand, just like the Indians of current India (traditionally speaking). If a Roman hit you with his shit-wiping hand, it meant you were being treated as a sub-human. Yeshua demanded he be treated as an equal, by demanding he be struck with the non-shit-wiping-hand, which is how you treat an equal, thus demanding the respect you give an equal. It's no way any pussy-footing fake-pious lameness, it's courage and being assertive.

So, I don't see tolerance for terrible behaviour being Christian, nor abusive people being Christ-like, in any way.

If Christ is everything then the Christ ceases to have any meaning whatsoever. It's wishy washy and that is decidedly NOT what Christianity is about.


So, I don't see tolerance for terrible behaviour being Christian, nor abusive people being Christ-like, in any way.

Oh @mumstheword I don't either. I didn't say I saw God in all behaviours or actions or choices, quite the opposite. And I am not referring to tolerance, or simply burying my head in the sand, for me.

I do think hurt people often hurt people. And there's those down right mean or sadistic, too. But I have no idea where someone went off the tracks.

Does everyone have a capacity for better choices? Idk. Not for me to judge because I don't know nor understand. That's a very different thing to me than saying an action is egregious..

In that way I relate to @Gwaihir ; if I return in kind I am doing no different. I think it was Thomas Merton that said that, and many psychologists, that we rationalize our own actions but condemn others' (eg they are lazy, we are tired). So turn the other cheek becomes simply don't add more of the same, or continue with what never changes anything based on past precedent. But, it still doesn't mean I understand, or forgive, or trust, or am not hurt. But even that still becomes my own work. JMHO though. I probably worded it badly. :(


I try to see what good there is in everyone, even if there is just a tiny bit of it. For those who have abused me that isn't easy, but it helps clear away some of my bitterness and resentment. Also, I wrote more about this in a thread in the Therapy section here. That thread is about forgiveness.


Please, I don't mean to be offensive and I am a Christian, but, I almost prefer the Hindu saying, for what I think you are both saying here, which is Namaste ~ The God in me honours the God in you, which applies to every one alike.

If that's what you meant I am totally on board with you. I am a Christian who practises yoga and grew up very "Eastenized" and my particularly Christian sect, that I came in through, is a lot more syncretic that western Christianity, and embraces yoga.

As for forgiveness, that's to do with acceptance, to me, and the "Do no harm" creed that I espouse to, but, yeah isn't the same as tolerance or trust, it's where I slip into my Mother mode and see bad behaviour as a mother would see her naughty children, you don't like their behaviour but you still love that which God loves, the being, the soul, the infinite God's creation and part that IS God, the child, despite what they do, God .is Love so is the only way (that I've found) to, properly love, to connect with my God-part (after all the Kingdom is within ) .

What I was saying though, is that Yeshua stood up to bullies, he didn't fakely pretend nice, out of cowardice, and I think a lot of modern Christians overlook that (not saying that any one here is like that, not for me to judge, or know, one way or another).