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I enjoy Sumatran coffee beans. They’re dark and rich but not bitter. My better half grinds it fresh every morning.

i would suggest you experiment with Starbucks coffee varieties. They used to have Peaberry, and many others, all well-roasted. Gold Coast and Verona, and their Anniversay blend, are some others of theirs that I enjoy.

I am not a fan of flavored beans at all and would recommend you pass on those and explore natural varieties instead.
Do you like coffee? Drink it often? What kind(s) do you like?

And how do you buy it / make it?
Instant, ground, beans, or to go from a coffee shop etc

Which kind of coffee do you like? Or do you have no idea or preference?

Decaff or poky as poss?

There is a baffling array of coffees available to buy and I'm just getting into coffee a little having had years where I couldn't tolerate caffeine and being a dedicated tea drinker.

Have bough a Hario coffee grinder and am gonna see what I think of fresh ground coffee.

Love to hear what you all like / dislike about different coffees 🙂
I adore coffee and kaso tea !
I usually buy whole beans either in the supermarket or in the local bar. Here In Italy it's very common for even small village bars to have their own coffee beans mixtures to sell.
As for my tar I have found a local specialty shop with lots of good choices.
Usually drink espressos or doppio, sometimes cappuccino since I have a steam frother.
Has anyone tried chicory coffee? I used to see it at the Egyptian market we would go to pre-pandemic (that's the only kind of coffee they sold).
Yes . I tried it because there is loads of empty bottles of it in our garden - literally hundreds - I thought it worth a try. It’s not for me though it was a fun experience!
@Mee Barley cup is the one I had.

I don’t think I’ve tried chicory coffee, gotta vague idea it was big in rationing days.
Kind of off topic, but it’s probably not something folks notice much. The pioneer past isn’t far away here in the western half of the US. My grandmother‘s parents and their children settled and broke virgin land among the last of the Comanches in west Texas. Chicory coffee and other make-do’s were all a part of the horse and wagon expansion of the US.

you mention rationing, but I see pioneers, lol. Different frames.