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I am just putting in my 2 cents here because it does not sit well with me that an unmarked photo should hold a copyright or the owner be able to yell infringement
That is the law. The law does not state you must mark your stuff with copyright, that would taint artistic work. What you think is irrelevant, what is law and can put me in court, is relevant. Protest away, please... it doesn't affect me.
AND that a site that asks for member donations cannot afford it's members avatars for their accounts.
Did you even read why avatars were removed? It has nothing to do with cost. It has to do with ever avatar becomes a request. On a desktop, requests aren't an issue as computers use big processors, RAM and usually faster internet connections. Combined, that equals speedy webpage deliverability. Mobile however, that is a completely different story. 70% of our market share is mobile users -- why the hell would I keep meeting the minority desktop users? Again, protest away, it doesn't hurt me.


I just don't really trust the internet and know that everything you put on there is out there and stays out there
Even if you put it in a book nowadays, it goes online and the pages are digitally versioned online. Either way... it ends up online and then you have to chase your tail. Copyright laws haven't really changed in decades, its just that people kept thinking they didn't mean anything and people just repost shit as they see fit. Unless you own it, it isn't yours to repost.

I've had several cases where I had to DMCA another website host to have them contact their user to remove my content (being MyPTSD related content) that they had not sought approval to reproduce. Every time the website owner laughed it off. Every time the content came down because the host knows about their implication in copyright if they let it go. They get sued for negligence, in other words, as the host.

Copyright does, has been, enforced online by those who actively pursue their copyright -- and they win every time providing they can demonstrate they own that content.
sharing my own original stuff here and elsewhere
If you share anything here, it is no longer yours, it is copyright MyPTSD. If you further share it elsewhere, you are infringing our copyright. Yes, you need permission to further share your content once posted here.

Tornadic Thoughts

Well damn, what an eye opener that ignites a spark of creative regret. Even the rule of always sharing that they taught us back in the day and hammered into our heads was a bunch of shit. LOL Nothing is sacred anymore. Thanks for answering.


@Tornadic Thoughts - we have no interest in blocking members from making use of their own material elsewhere. It's just a procedure. You ask, we grant.

This is an important protection for all of you. It is what protects your personal content - trauma stories, posts, etc. This is not the forum being difficult. It is the forum keeping your content protected.

ETA: We no longer do this. Members are responsible for/hold copyright of all their content. Members now grant MyPTSD a perpetual royalty-free license upon registration. This means, you can use your content however you like; if it is appropriated by some third party, MyPTSD is not responsible.

For more detail, PLEASE READ:
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Folks: this has always been the law.

What has changed? Why now?

A recent case was brought against a site hosting member content (that's what we do, too).

The judgement decided that because the site had moderation, the site could not claim that only the infringing member was liable. Moderation now can mean 'approval'. This is regardless of how heavy or light the moderation is.

We function better with moderators. So, we are stepping up our attention to copyright infringement.

I still think we would rather live in a world where so much information is accessible, and learn as a global society to respect the concept of ownership.

So, think reasonably, and don't mount your protests here, please. This thread is for questions - not debate.

@void - you are correct. Links are completely acceptable. Quoting from a published piece is still acceptable.


It all seems clear enough to me. I appreciate the work this site's admin and mods do.

It seems like there are still ways of sharing stuff if you want. Find the source and link, find the source and get permission, etc. It's some extra work on our part, but given how much work the mods/admins already do, I'm for it. And while I think the potential for trouble is small, it's there and taking measures to protect the site are definitely worth it to me.

I appreciate the info.


Policy Enforcement
So photos posted here belong to myptsd? If my photo is on Facebook, does it belong to them? I feel like I may need to go off the grid! I guess I sort of get it though. For example, the company photographer took our pics for social media, and they gave us permission to use the photos for self promotion as well. Also, makes sense why we couldn't just submit our own photo. And the article I wrote. It belongs to them, but when someone else used part of it for a chart on the same site, I was asked permission and sited. I just never thought of this stuff before. Glad I don't have to most of the time. Reason for legal departments.


@Dana1010 - please read this post for your answer.

@TexCat - I believe that images are not the same; MyPTSD does not assume ownership of your images. But even if we did, please note what I said, above: we have no interest in separating you from your material.

Edit to correct: MyPTSD no longer holds copyright over member-created materials. You may use them however and wherever you'd like.

Please read: Link Removed for more information.

And yes, @Muttly, that's exactly right.

Is this due to some new law enacted? Why the sudden change? Why was this not done in the past?
Also - this has always been true, and it's always been the policy; and, MyPTSD has regularly taken down content that infringes on copyright.

What is new is the one-strike rule, and the strictness we are choosing to adhere to. That's all.
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The easy answer for most people, is read the policies you accepted at registration. Nothing new here. Read. The policies are written in fairly simple speak English, nothing tricky. Read them, they contain all these answers and more.


we have no interest in blocking members from making use of their own material elsewhere. It's just a procedure. You ask, we grant.
I believe that images are not the same; MyPTSD does not assume ownership of your images. But even if we did, please note what I said, above: we have no interest in separating you from your material.

Ok, a little confused. But just a little. Lets say I post a piece of art here then later share it on facebook. Should I be asking staff here before sharing it on facebook? You sort of said two opposite things there and of course I want to make sure I am on the right side of policies here.

ETA: I am not asking if images are blocked from being used but rather if I should be asking here first.
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