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Core Beliefs & Counters

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Just putting in a note to follow. My therapist and I find my nature is not to accept with counters to core beliefs. I’d like to take time to read the counter suggestion people are making to themselves to consider. Just not right now ?
My core beliefs at the moment.

Be a vital member of your team. And be the best you can be.

Counter= if your team is shit, then don't be afraid to find a new one. Life is to short to be constantly f*cked over. It's not narcissistic to be proud of who you are, what you can do and wanting to succeed.

I think that is fine, as long as the approach you use to dump your team is done in a thoughtful, kind manner-and not loaded with "you all suck so I'm leaving" kinda attitude.
Core Belief: I don't deserve to look the best I can be because...No one sees me AND
I'm a nobody so I'm not worthy enough to bother to take care of me....(no need to check the mirror cause that's disgusting, no need to do self care for teeth, hair, body cause nobody cares enough to even notice).

Counter: I'm enough for me so I shouldn't base my decisions on old-trauma tapes of people that no longer exist in my life- I need to do these things regularly for me so I can feel good about me.
"When someone is angry with me I am in physical danger of violence" is the core belief/cognitive distortion.

However, I haven't figured out just yet a good counter for it....still working on it.

Core Belief: When someone abuses me, through emotional abuse, lies, and intimidation, run and think coward.
Counter: Oh FUCit! Stand up, look them in the eye, and I'll see them in court! Win or lose, I'll respect myself in the morning.
My body's a traitor. Re. pain.

Counter... IDK. Still looking for that one. So far got just some times, treason is a humane thing.

Bloody lands / mindsets crossovers.
Most people are thoroughly untrustworthy and will hurt me and/or exploit me.

Counter; I can't possibly know that, I don't know "most people".

Core belief; I'm too sensitive, too injured, too autistic, to handle more abusive or exploitative treatment

Counter; I've survived plenty of really, really horrible treatment, before getting, really, ANY support, so I'm sure I could handle it (I don't yet believe this, yet, though).

Core belief; I'm too autistic to know the difference between exploitative people, people that will cause me further harm and benign people.

Counter.....hmmmm, I'm an intelligent women who has a lot of insight into myself and human behaviour???? Not convinced that that will pan out practically, even if, theoretically, it could be true

Core belief -people = danger, unless proven otherwise.
Counter, nup... nope...nada
People don’t like me, they think I’m stupid, they think I‘m unworthy of.... they Never get in touch with me..
>>>>>>>>>> Part of me says⌨️: It’s strength to NOT WANT others, the moment you realize that you are alone in this and that no one can make you feel any differently, that only you can... then you have won.

>>>>>Other Part says: Make others realize that you are hurt because of their non-communication, make yourself heard, be angry and cut them off, so that they understand...

Well none of them works... first one: Emotional Mogadishu due to Grief and I cannot keep up that facade..
Second one: Please have a sense of selfdignity!

Here I am with the snippets, trying to replace/place them..

Not yet quite working.. Arghhhh
I‘m going to try the Wim Hof method and bathe in Ice water for ......... minutes
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