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Dealing with Paranoia and Missing Pets



This is my first time stumbling on this forum. I had a weird yet familiar type of day. I left the lights on on my car. Long story short, I had to get a ride home from some strangers(they were a very nice family). I got home and asked my neighbors if they would run me back to my car an give me a jump.

A little back story before I get to the point. A year and a half ago my father was killed. Things were really hard before he passed. He blamed me for his cat running off. It really hurt his heart because that was his best friend. His cat before her ran off too.

After his passing she came home for a couple months then ran off again ad has been gone for 7 months. She finally surfaced last week and took off again. She showed up when we finally had snowfall.

Now when she ran off again after my dad died I kind of had a melt down over it. I was still on drugs and drinking which kept me in a constant state of panic. Growing up we called the neighbors "the cat eaters" because the rumor was they would steal neighborhood pets and keep them or torture them to death. They are a weird family and pretty off but at the same time very normal in a sense. There's just something off and dark about them.

I was absolutely convinced they had my dad's cat. I harassed them a little and even called the cops. I would literally think I could see them hurting cats in their back yard and hear the sounds. I spent so much time watching with binoculars. Someone also was breaking into my house repeatedly during this time, stealing random things, money and account info, as well as our mail. My father I suspect was murdered by the way things were when I found him. I knew someone around me was doing these things but couldn't prove it. The cat though, it sent me over the edge.

Fast forward a year to now. I made peace with them and got sober. I Don't trip out like I used to. At least not often. So anyway they agree to give me a ride and a jump. The father and the oldest son. They start saying weird things about you never know who you can trust. Then Starr asking about my cats. The father said, "you're cats name Is gummy bear right" and all a sudden warning bells start blaring. Gummy bear went missing 6 years ago. Then our cat Ty went missing 12 years ago. The son tells his dad to be quiet when he mentions gummy bear. Tells him that's NOT HIS name. Then they tell me their dog just died out of nowhere. Like trying to scare me about my dogs. Threatening I guess you could say. In a round about way.

By the time we got to my car I wanted to kill these f*cking two. They pulled out the jumper cables and I swear they were my jumper cables that just got stolen out of my car. I told them they needed to return my cats and everything they have stolen. Then I spent the next few hours creeping around their house acting like a f*cking maniac. I'm unsure if I just got triggered or if these people are truly f*cking with me. Ever since they moved into this neighborhood these things keep happening to mainly the elderly and disabled people. Part of me thinks maybe I was triggered then part of me thinks I may be in a bad situation.
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Not sure how to help here but I would stop all contact with these individuals. Trauma survivors at high risk of being exploited baited targeted. I am not blaming you in anyway. It was hard for me to learn this about myself. These people are very unsafe.,

I would consider whether if you need to move as well
I would trust your gut, you even said you made peace with them and put everything behind you which tells me that you're pretty self aware and realise you can get carried away.

They sound like a-holes. Perhaps they found out he rumour about them eating cats and are messing with people over it.
Your dad's cat could honestly just be one of those cats that loves to roam?
What I mean is that if you've accused them of things before, they could just be trying to get back at you by talking about the animals, the jumper leads as well.

This tells you that they are bad people, instead of having empathy for what you're going (and have gone) thru, they think they're tough and powerful by doing weirdo stuff like this. It shows what weak ignorant freaks they are.

If this is the case then best you can do is try and be pleasant (will confuse them) don't have much contact (you can't chat you have to go do something) and give them a smile and shake your head in a way that says "Ok freaks" when they bait you