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Other Dissociative Disorders and shame

I did experience shame as part of my dissociation. I was ashamed of how much I was dissociated and how I didn't live in the real world. It's really, really hard for me right now, with the virus and mixed messages about it, my stepfather going into hospice and my poor mom who has lost so much. It's overwhelming and I'd rather stay in bed.
The way that I’ve understood emotions and parts is that many times parts are created to contain an overwhelming emotion. Is it possible that Shane is held by a part that your general walking around part does not know how to handle?

I would explore this by looking at when the last time I could recall feeling shame was and investigate the circumstances of that instance. Then I would look at what sheen is to others. Can you relate at all? If not perhaps do some research on what shame actually is.

There might be some interesting information for you in the following link.

Losing total control to a part and still being able to see what's going on is upsetting.
It sure is!

When most people don't have to deal with this, when I know how others view it, it seems like something is wrong with us. Like we're "broken" some how and we "should" be fixed.
I worry that they will think I'm not capable. That even though I am good at whatever I am doing, I may somehow be viewed as "less than" if they find out.
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