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Other What are the pros and cons of seeking diagnosis of a dissociative disorder?

maybe I should just stick with the work I'm doing with my current therapist
this is my strictly personal policy. i don't believe any of the pros are more right than any of the other pros. it's a matter of working with what the healing mysteries send you to work with. again i emphasize the importance of networking. it pays to diversify. even with a theory which ultimately works for me, i often need help understanding and hearing ^it^ in more than one voice/vocabulary can clarify allot of confusion
@No More I think I've experienced both sides. When I was alone and struggling to cope with PTSD symptoms, it was a relief to be told what was happening and that I could get treatment for it.

But I also slip into denial of having PTSD or being effected by trauma and feel ashamed of both the diagnosis and the trauma. But for me it's the denial that causes the distress more than the diagnosis.