General Do men with ptsd want your empathy?


@LuckiLee Thats very sad.? Don’t know what to say now. Does praying and watching TV help him.

My vet actually often has nightmares of things that have not happened but could happen such as his loved ones dying of coronavirus... and when he wakes up he realizes that coronavirus is really a problem and his loved ones might catch it... before coronavirus it was other dancers he dreamed of... but I think he hasn’t found anything that helps now apart from drinking.
Does your partner drink alot?


Depends on what you call a lot. Typically... maybe one or two bottles of wine a week or maybe three. Or maybe a bottle of wine and a bottle of sherry a week... or a bottle of wine and four or five bottles of beer. He says he is trying to controll it... so that he doesn’t drink too much.

In my country: wine typically has 9% alcohol, fortified wine like Sherry about 17%, beer about 5% percent.

Typical wine bottle: 0,75 Liter, Sherry: 0,75 Liter, Beer: 0,5 Liter.

No, wait. Beer: 0,33 Liter.