Does anyone burst into tears because of their PTSD


Feel like it a lot, at random unexpected times.
I think now I see (only because thinking about it after being tagged here), for me that emotional disregulation and hitting a limit are 2 different animals. And the 1st needs self-management and self awareness; the 2nd needs changing what is on the outside (instead of just trying to find new ways to bear the unbearable- not likely to cry then until total overwhelm and fear or despair/ giving up/ totally spent, and in privacy).


I am not a very emotional person but ever since I started going to therapy for my PTSD I have cried a LOT. The first 4 months of therapy I would cry 2-3 times a week due to different triggers and anxiety attacks. I think it’s a part of healing. It took me 5 years until I spoke of my trauma and 7 years in total until I cried because of it. Not best strategy according to my therapist but my main defense mechanism was avoidance so...


My therapist said that I have symptoms related to PTSD. Panic attacks, nightmares etc
I grew up in an unsafe house hold where I was physically abused by my mothers boyfriend at the age of three. My mum later married him and denied what he did although there are plenty of photos (taken by my Dr) to prove otherwise. I don't speak to her any more, she moved away and never left an address. I was bullied in school allot because of marks on my body.
I get allot of feelings of rejection and feel like noone wants me.
My coworkers, who are very understanding, notice that I'm down. I end up bursting into tears randomly at times. Is this normal for PTSD?
I'm sorry for what happened to you. That's very sad indeed. I hope that your therapist helps you.


This past month I have done a lot of unnecessary crying. Even tonight. It is really frustrating, but I do simply put it down to CPTSD. Although I am not sure if it is complicated by hormonal dysregulation.
This is exactly how I feel right now. I’m sick of it.


Crying? What's that ! When ever I cry or even try to - all I get from other people is "stop that, it can't be that bad."