Easy bulk meals?


Low carb, but low gi carbs are better than high. Basically am trying to avoid large amounts of bread pasta rice potatoes flour n sugar.

Am still eating small portions of oats as they seem really great for my guts. And for sure sometimes I turn to comfort foods which are not good for my blood sugar levels. Is better if I just have one or two biscuits with a meal but yeah. Muddling through best I can.

When I'm hungry and have nothing I can grab easily I tend to just grab anything I can eg a sandwich.

In meals that usually go with pasta or rice I'm subbing veg as much as poss.


When I'm hungry and have nothing I can grab easily I tend to just grab anything I can eg a sandwich
I could live on sandwiches for the rest of forever perfectly happy :happy:

But as -different problem- it’s hard for me to get bread? I’ve been delighted to find certain things work amazing as substitutes.

- Butter Lettuce wraps, for many if not most.
- Green bell pepper “wrap” (slice 2 sides off for happy happy crunch, or slice all sides off and fire roast for softer but a bit messier) for things like roast beef, shredded beef, Philly cheesesteak. Or fire roasted poblano or Anaheim for anything needing a bit of a kick.
- Softened cabbage leaf wrap for corned beef, or fish tacos
- Meat roll ups / inside out sandwiches

Still Carb, but less than bread
- Rice Noodle wrapper / Rice paper round
- Soft corn tortillas


Yeah I love sandwiches too. Too much carbs though. Is fine to have one occasionally if the rest of my diet is low carb and I shall continue to enjoy the odd sandwich.

Just seem to be having too many with current (depression?)

I might look for rice paper wraps, couldn't find anything on searching rice noodle wraps, not sure if they are the same thing? or ask Mr to - he goes to Asian shops often enough.

I've enjoyed using little gem lettuce as a boat for prawn cocktail in the past and have hot romaine lettuce in. Should be able to use some that way.


I like taco meat for burritos too...I make a lot of beef taco meat with onion lots of Cholula hot sauce. I freeze most and make tacos through the months but also roll a bunch of burritos. I just use the meat/onion mix with some grated cheddar and freeze those too though it's been some time since I've done that. I used to roll 30 some burritos a month just to have on hand. The last beef batch I made with some chorizo...I'll thaw some in the next few days, kinda forgot I had lb's in the freezer right now.

Other than that I make chili with ground beef and freeze. I used to make a mean tomato soup that I used to like at as particular restaurant so I went online and found a recipe very similar using fire-roasted tomatoes. Now that I think of it I lost that recipe last time my computer crashed. Need to find a new recipe.

I like like the idea of chicken taco meat as LukiLee mentioned. Never made that but now it's on my list of things...sounds like it would make a good change or addition for me.


Yeah I was really on a roll, for a couple of years, every month making that taco meat and rolling burritos for the month...usually about 30. I got sick of burritos though...they were decent and carbs amount to about one piece of bread...though white flower does convert to sugar right away.

I was thinking about making a batch of my chili today. It would be good for me to have a quick easy to heat meal. I gathered the ingredients weeks ago just haven't made it.


Chili's good innit. I had some not long ago, really good for having extra meals already prepped.

Have got some mince beef in too, might make some soon too.


I'm making chili tomorrow T. I've got it all prepped on the counter pots and all. It really is a nice dish and can be heated so quickly. In times where your body has no energy to make a competent meal for me chili is king. I've got hamburger thawing and a bunch of onions ready to go. I'm kinda psyched to have a good meal...I've really been slipping and had the energy to make a pb&j...that's not good enough and far from respecting myself.