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Its so funny --- Trumper is still out there claiming fraud and filing lawsuits and the judges are throwing it out as fast as it comes up because they have zero evidence that there was any fraud. Plus the dems are welcoming the lawsuits... heard one of their lawyers say "bring it on - we have nothing to hide!"

I can't believe it. A future of 4 years without a trump style temper tantrum via social media! Talk about a breath of fresh air.


I'm just not ready to celebrate yet. I want to see what Trump does. What his supporters do. I feel like we are moving into one of the most dangerous times. There are a lot of decent Trump supporters out there (yes, I know, not everyone will agree), but there's a lot of crazies that support him. What happens now.


I'd like to have a discussion here that is non-political about the extreme stressor that is the U.S. election.

If you’re uncertain if your post is political or talking about political stress? Ask yourself

- If your post makes sense substituting the Princess of Norway (or any other political figure you choose, that isn’t homegrown & emotionally charged) for any reference to an American Politician?

- What your post has to do with PTSD, and managing stressors?

I’m not picking on any one -or group- of members, here. But with the election results in after days of counting; if this thread takes off down the merry path of political cheering, venting, rants? It will be locked.


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ms spock

What I find oddly surprising is how split the country is.
The Social Dilemma is worth watching to see how polarisation is put into place. Might be of interest.

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Massively anxious at the moment over everything. I need to get my stress cup down.
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So.. it's strange how much this whole ordeal has effected even us non Americans, possibly it is because US is a country so powerful it actually effects the whole world. I'm so relieved you guys are now deciding on staying in WHO and joining the Paris-agreement! 😊 👍 But am saddened by how divided your country is.😔 And by how dirty and hostile the campaigning was, and am praying hard for a peaceful turning over the power to Biden and respecting the results of the election. It's so horrible how you had to go through so many days of uncertainty!

Sorry to say but our country really had the same kind of division last election, and in the end we didn't get a strong leadership(the leading party had to cooperate with others but in a very fragmented and weak "mixture"), since the numbers were too divided. Which has really caused bad stuff and even more division after that. (As well as a even greater lack of trust in politicians..) 😔

(Also I am so disappointed by all the parties, and none of them can really represent what I believe is needed. Choosing between them is really about choosing the least bad one.)

I'm scared by the division and polarization rising all over the world- and nationalists and fundamentalists/extremists number rising and the hate-filled arguments and comments being so much more present in social media now more than ever before.😔 I'm really scared of what will happen eventually, and really pray we all get to see good changes coming. (Am trying hard to be part of the change.) I pray for healing for both US and us all.


sigh -- now that the bruhaha of the last few days is over I'm crashing back to stress reality. We may have new people in different places, but our societal problems, our division as a country, the pandemic -- all still exist. Which means my hypervigilance still exists. My sense of being under constant threat still exists. And as the recounts, reviews, law suits, media fights go forward I'm afraid it is just going to keep reinforcing that I'm never safe, that I can't keep my family safe. And like @zaniara said - it's not just us. It's happening all around the world

Sis and I were talking about it last night - how to keep my focus on what is happening right now instead of focusing on what I may need to do in the near future. She went through my back up plans with me to remind me I am prepared for pretty much anything - good or bad. Which I have to admit did help.

But I also realized that t and I will need to spend some quality time on reality assessment skills in the near future..... 😞