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General Emotional regulation all over the place


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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience with their suffer struggling with emotional regulation?

I know it seems an obvious thing, but I don’t necessarily mean from triggers - I mean day to day.

My partner seems to be all over the place - anger, calm, sleepy, crying, fed up, then positive, then catastrophising…. He has zero resilience - to be fair some shitty things has happen in recent weeks, mainly due to him being so tired and not sleeping.

He is in therapy - but my question to you all is, have you experienced this? If so, did you let it play out until therapy calmed it? Did they have to go on anti depressants? Is there something else to calm him down that aren’t anti depressants? Did they micro dose mushrooms….

Any advice? Thanks!
OMFG. The PTSD-Rollercoaster.

I would far rather be on it, than be dealing with someone else on it.

It’s brutal, either way, but at least if you’re the one popping off like a frog in a sock? You have the control/ability to do something about it.

Supporting someone else going through that? Is the definition of powerlessness. Unless you’re both willing/able to knock them out AND able to deal with the fallout from having done so.
It sure can be challenging. I can really relate to what Sweetpea76 and Friday said about this. That word “powerless”really strikes a chord.
I’m sorry that you are going through this. The only input I have, is that over time I have realised I need to create more space and distance so that it doesn’t affect me as much, because I tend to take it all very personally. I just keep myself busy doing other things. And yes, things usually improve with therapy and then there is a period of relative stability, before the rollercoaster starts again. I’m getting used to the cycle,