Getting A Service Dog.

How do I keep myself from diving/sinking headlong into depression? I feel it closing in around me. I am so damn tired. I have no energy and I'm walking through treacle. I hate this up and down crap. Their silly admin mistake has devastated me. And I don't want to be that upset about it. I don't want it to tip me over.
I've spoken with a couple of people who were supporting me in my employment venture. They reckon with all of the screwing around this mob have done and finally, now this huge let-down, that I've dodged a bullet.

Just as a coincidence another person I know applied for a similar position, same department, different area and he hasn't been notified at all. So it seems their recruitment processes are not good across the board.

Going to take a few days and then start looking again in earnest.

Just cannot shake the feeling of being lost though. :(


I don't want to be that upset about it
The job, as it was described to you, sounded like a good fit and well worth getting excited about. I think a certain amount of disappointment is normal and totally ok. It's not YOUR fault though. YOU didn't do anything wrong. You aced the application process and broke new ground with your four-legged partner. Maybe think of it as good practice? (I agree, you probably dodged a bullet.)


that I've dodged a bullet.

I'm really really sorry this has happened, like others, had not seen this coming and was so happy for you. But... can you print this ^^^ out our write it on a post-it and put somewhere you'll see it often?

I know it's really hard to believe right now - I've been in that place multiple times before - but it will help once this understanding really makes its way into your brain and once the dissapointment and feeling of betrayal subside
Thanks guys... I'm having a difficult time with the whole thing. Six months of jumping through hoops, interviews, checks blah, blah.... And even though in my mind I know that normally an advertisement or employer states what the job specs were... myptsd brain wants to tell me it's my fault for not actually asking when never before in the history of looking for jobs have I even dreamed I'd have to ask for clarification. But still I hold myself at fault. It's stupid.
I'm training K to do multiple rolls now. So far she'll roll to her left three times without a problem but is struggling to roll twice to her right. I'm sure she's a dominant lefter. (? is this a word?) When she spins she's great at spinning anti-clockwise but not quite so good clock-wise.

And I've trained her to hide her head. I put a pillow on the floor or against the lounge and say 'hide ya head' she sticks her head and a lot of her body behind the pillow and waits for me to say, 'okay you can come out now'. Strange but very funny. She wags her tail like it's fine that I train strange stuff but... just keep those treats coming along...


Just learned a couple things from a K9 police officer. 1. Buy a big bottle of alcohol and keep in car. When it gets very hot pour alcohol over paws to cool dog down quickly.2. Keep 2 gallons of water in car..police K9s are big dogs...and a towel. When very hot wet towel and wrap dog. 3. Keep k9 insurance up to date.
Congratulations. My guy has been a godsend. Hope yours is to you too.
I've always kept water in the car for me - because I used to travel through uninhabited, hot, arid country all the time so that's a habit. Comes in handy for thirst, radiator and now the dog too.

I've got insurance for my dog - it's not so easy to find a decent policy but something is better than nothing I suppose.

K was due for her annual heart worm and diseases vaccinations earlier this month. But the anniversary for each was two weeks apart. Rang the vet and asked if there was any medical reason preventing us from attending once and getting the lot and he indicated that would be fine. So made the appointment and we went to get the injections.

Shortly after we returned home I received a text reminder saying that K was overdue for her heartworm injection. Of course I dismissed it because we had literally only been there within the hour that day for that reason and I thought their texting service had not been updated that we had attended and received them.

After one text a week for three weeks and then again yesterday I decided to give them a quick ring and tell them to cancel it. Instead the receptionist insisted that K had not received her heart worm injection and when we attended earlier that month she'd only received the other vaccinations.

Why? Nobody knew.... of course not - how typical. Everyone shrug their shoulders and nobody accepts responsibility. Ugh...

So my tolerance for people stuffing up right now and particularly towards my dog... is now sitting well below minus 0 and I was super angry that I'd been all around the country thinking that my dog had been fully vaccinated when she was actually way overdue for it. The receptionist really went out on a limb when she said it'd be highly unlikely that my dog would contract heart worm if it lived in my backyard. I explained to her that, 'sorry didn't cut it, my service dog didn't live in my backyard but went everywhere I went. I would be there within the hour for my dogs vaccination and I wasn't paying for the the Vet to do it'.

And that's what happened. The silence was painful and the Vet spoke briefly to K rather than me, administered the injection in the hallway - so not even the comfort of being in a clinic room away from other dogs and then he scuttled away. Coward. I know I looked like thunder but how about an explanation?

Time to find another vet.


Debating doing the same thing. Then I wrote the Vet an email. Going to make sure he saw it. Made an appointment one year in advance for the Vet. He has taken care of my breeder's dogs for decades. He is quite well known and people come from out of State to see him. But his staff is awful. I have a Cavalier. Came home from first appointment, checked paperwork and it said my guy was a mixed Chataholia (sp). When my guy's one year anniversary came I got notice I had missed my appointment. Called was told my appointment was with another Vet. I said no. I saw clerk write with Doc A only on chart. I had written the same thing on paperwork. She told me that was impossible cuz that clerk that made the appointment had only worked there a short time. I told her the exact page to look at. She said "oh. But Doc A doesn't have an appointment for a month" but she'd give me that one. As it worked out he needed shots earlier so I had to cancel and go to local Vet.

I know it was staff mistakes not Vet's. But what if my guy was ill and they messed up shots or meds? But
Vet is an expert in my breed. Local Vet said he hadn't seen a Cavalier for years. Not only do I love my guy he is important as my service dog. My trainer has PTSD so she crossed trained him. Darn, wish he could talk and offer his opinion. And darn Covid. They take dog from car and return to car. Then Vet calls. I need to be right there supervising.