Getting a Service Dog.

This week I've refused to speak to some family, hung up on several other who cannot handle the discussion not being about them and their problems for a few minutes and then tried to drown me in platitudes that did nothing..... but make me very friggin angry!

But at the same time I really lost my cool with one of my children over something too silly. So I've apologised but clearly I'm not okay and on a hair trigger.

I don't want to get out of bed and when I do I want to go straight back. I feel really tired and listless.

I don't want to look after my relatives at the moment because I'm in such a dark place and I'm fuming with resentment that I have been carrying the bulk of the responsibilities for them for way too long and I have a large family with numerous siblings who actually should stop critiquing me and do some hard, practical work. When I told them I had to turn down the job they could barely contain their happiness and commented that it simply meant I had more time to help them out and spend time looking after them. aaaargh!! So clearly they didn't want me to take up employment!

I've been looking at jobs but not really. I've sent out some feelers looking for courses to help lift my skill levels but man... they are expensive and sound a bit bogus to be honest.

I feel like crap and I want to feel better but not sure how.

My dog is giving me a fairly wide radius though coming in for a pat and a smooch now and then. I must be exuding bad stuff.... 😢
Took K for a walk in the rain yesterday and gave her a lovely bath last night. She loves baths now I think. She stands there in the bath wagging her tail and lapping up the lathering, washing and conditioning and me blathering on about what a fine dog she is. I use my fingers like rakes through her fur and her eyes glaze over in bliss....

K lets me wrap a towel around her entire body and lift her gently out of the tub and then settles down for a long, slow rub soaking through several towels in the process.

Yes... I think she loves it. Probably loves the peanut butter I smear on the side of the tub now and then too and the treats throughout as well.

She's back to being silky smooth and looking brilliantly red and white again.

I've started training her to 'check-in' and 'free free' on walks again. We had already visited this concept previously but not with serious training. She's picked it up really well.

Rather than walk several km's every day and really not get that much out of it except a very sore hip for me and a meh from her, I decided to let her brain do the walking. So I've cut down the distance to a third and picked a track that goes through well forested areas. I walk along with her on loose lead and when she looks up I give her a treat and say 'check-in'. So we got that down well and truly within 10 minutes with her checking in quite regularly and consistently.

Then I introduced 'free free' which means she can go sniff a tree or whatever so long as the lead stays loose. Then she does her 'check-in' after sniffing and I treat her. We then resume walking.

So she's got the best of both worlds now and so do I. We go for a walk and she trots along with with me, I give her permission to stop and do the sniff that makes her brain whir and then when proceed on. End result a tired but happy dog by the time we return home. :)


I give her permission to stop and do the sniff that makes her brain whir and then when proceed on.
Sniffaris are awesome for dogs, especially breeds like Beagles with such powerful noses. If she's getting her daily exercise, this is definitely something that she's gonna appreciate.

Knowing how much dogs use their noses to explore and understand the world around them, you can imagine that it's a bit like taking someone to an amazing art gallery and removing a blindfold, so that there's suddenly a whole new amazing world around them to be curious about, and stimulated by.

Every so often I like to take doggo somewhere new, with all new smells, and we wander along at his pace just letting him take in all the new smells. Happy dog, happy me:)

You're def lucky to have a dog that likes bath time. My doggo loves the rub down and blow dry afterwards, but the bath process is running and hiding as soon as his towel is pulled out of the cupboard, followed by much crying and dramatic
I've been exploring a number of options to lift myself out of this helplessness I feel. Specifically some online training and possibly also gaining a certification in dog training - I'm guessing there are plenty of people emerging from the covid dog phase and wondering why their dogs are not as happy as they could be. A lot of people have suggested dog training but I've resisted the idea because there are few few nationally accredited training courses about. I've also started working though a couple of text books on ms suite so I am completely up to date.