Getting A Service Dog.


hollow bones and stuff them with

^That's a fine idea. I am not sure where I would locate hollow bones though. In the meantime I am going to stuff a smallish Kong with treats and p/nut butter and take that for her. She had another day but wow she can tell the time. When the clocks strikes the hour I am supposed to finish she is up and out and making no bones about it. Of course she knows that as soon as she gets home she gets fed, she gets to play fetch and frisbee and she gets a nice walk... hmmm


My little K is on the way to becoming a FRISBEE CHAMPION!! Yes... after months... and months.. nightly practice with not much chance of advancement in sight or maybe more than a year even... of throwing the stupid frisbee only a few feet away and her trying really hard but never.... quite.... getting the idea. OMG so frustrating for us. Well, we started inside with me sitting on a chair and her facing me, tilting her face at me, 'what you doing with that purple plastic plate??? It was a long, long winter here, did I mention that??

No wait let's back it up even further. Her sitting with a puzzled look while it rolled to flat on the floor we are now outside and she is running, leaping and snapping that bloody purple frisbee with the enthusiasm of a eagle diving a mile down for a mouse.

And she brings it back proudly to me, tail held high and frisbee weirdly pointing straight up with her teeth hanging onto the lip. So she cannot really see where she is coming back to but it's okay her nose is a radar device. she's so damn proud of herself she gives me this little huffing sound as she delivers it to my hands. Wow what a girl...

I think the neighbours who are not really close to me... might be hearing me chanting, "yay!!! K the flying dog!! Yes!!" etc repeatedly for twenty minutes and suspect my right of mind. But I don't care... she's doing it and I can now see she totally has that frisbee's number.

I am smiling as I tell you this. I must be over due for sleep or something. 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶


Thanks @Freida - it's not a fluke either. We did it again tonight... such a clever girl.

I think she prefers the frisbee to the big orange ball that she catches on the second bounce. :)


Went to work this morning ready to take on the day, the week, the month. On my way home two hours later, destined to work from there for a long, long time. I suspected it was going to happen and it did. Not going to worry about something I cannot change.

K who was curled up and having a lovely nap in her soft crate was very put out having to change beds mid-morning and who wouldn't be?

But she was super happy to bounce back in the door at home and head on out to the backyard for a patrol then into her basket for a well earned?? nap.

I get an extra 45 minutes of sleep so there's that. I don't have to put on any make-up or good clothes so that's a bonus! Yay! I can make myself bacon and eggs for lunch yes!! There's no way around this lockdown so may as well roll with the punches. I am getting the hang of how the job works, well, once aspect of it at least. Still got IT troubles but too late, the techy wasn't allowed to go to the workplace today. Damn it. Maybe a fleeting visit later in the week if he gets permissions for us.

K is continuing to defy gravity with her frisbee catches and I really think this is now something she loves doing so we get in 20 minutes of that each day plus a couple of walks so she's quite contented atm.


So K ate a large chunk of Styrofoam.

It was a kids toy that was shaped like a large arrow that somehow found it's way into my back yard. About a 15 inches long and three inches in diameter.

She went outside to lay in the sun this morning whilst I worked. When I had a break at lunch I took the frisbee and the ball out to give her some games. She happily played for a minute or two and then pranced around the side of my house and proudly returned grasping the remainder of said item in her mouth. The raggedy end clearly where she had savaged it to 'death'.

She dropped it at my feet like a trophy. ugh... for heavens sake. I investigated and found the remnants of further chewing but certainly not enough to account for the remainder of the toy that she had given me. BEAGLES - I give up!!

It was bright blue.

At the least she had the sense to not eat all of it.

Not sure how it will travel but hoping I see some blue chunky poo bits tomorrow morning when she is doing her morning round of ablutions? This what my mind turns to... oh my god I am going mad now...

She is not showing any symptoms of obstruction etc atm but it will probably take a day or so to clear her passages - if it will.

I suppose I should be thankful that it isn't likely to absorb liquid and swell in her guts. Just hoping she minced it down into small bits before swallowing it but she is just such a guts of a dog that it's risky to expect that...

Naughty girl... turned my day to sh*t...

I need to go and see the neighbours on the other side of me now and let them know that their toy is never coming home.

Both neighbours have kids at 'that' age.

Last week it was strange looking raw mince dropped over the fence by a toddler who wanted to 'feed the doggy'. My heart flipped when I saw it. I thought it was a bait - fortunately the toddlers older sister confessed when I went to ask if they'd accidentally flung meat over in my yard. So of course K decided to eat that but I actually saw her start to chug it down and got out there before she'd got right into it.


It was a kids toy that was shaped like a large arrow that somehow found it's way into my back yard. About a 15 inches long and three inches in diameter.
We had to stop playing with NERF…. As our lab would EAT IT!!! NOW! NOW! NOW! nom nom nom … and poop/puke neon foam for days.

It alarmed rhe hell out of me, but our vet was non-plussed. To be fair, his own lab ate rocks, & needed abdominal surgery twice a year. Freaking pica.


I feel disgusted to say that I have been watching her poos closely and some bits are coming through. She's asleep right now and it's coming up to 36 hours since she ate the arrow. Clearly her 'passages' are working okay at this stage and no puking going on. Maybe we caught the arrow and missed a bullet.

Working from home again tomorrow. We are getting whiplash changing routines. But it's keeping us on our feet and alive.

I had another major ptsd episode today about my disability, not wanting to stand out, not wanting to be different, wanting my brain to settle down and be quiet and not jump on the bandwagon when I am under pressure. Lots of work to do on that! Hoping that with the vertical learning curve I am experiencing and eventually some real competency this will fade?

Had my second AZ vaccine on Saturday and I am here to say that it too has knocked me down and around a tad. Exhaustion seems to be the primary feeling along with lack of appetite and a mild fever. All paracetamol problems however. So no biggie.


I had another major ptsd episode today about my disability, not wanting to stand out, not wanting to be different, wanting my brain to settle down and be quiet and not jump on the bandwagon when I am under pressure.
I struggled with this for so long. It was so incredibly hard because having a dog felt like having a big sign on my head flashing "look at me! I'm broken!"
And my co-workers were...less than sympathetic about the situation. Mostly they were pissed that I wouldn't explain why I needed him.

It took a couple years but it did get easier. Still some bad days, but easier


Well finished my first two weeks of work. And wow, it was so hard but it went so quick. I got paid today and that was an amazing feeling too.

It all would have been so much better if last night had not happened. Kya and I got attacked by a male wearing a full face motorcycle helmet and riding a monkey bike. It was awful. I am really shocked and exhausted because no matter what I had to work today and we did but I need to rest for now. Come back another time when I am feeling okay.