Getting A Service Dog.


I have finally received formal notification that I am approved for a SD. Yay! My dog is currently being trained in the special doggy academy and has yet to pass his examinations and be registered. So... it might be several months before we are introduced. I am not told anything until he/she passes.

I have been through several rounds of interviews, medicals, reports, bureaucracy with lots and lots of questions. Home inspections and more! The process is very thorough and I understand why and now.. I am finally through. Cannot believe it really. Just thought I would tell you all. :)
So glad you finally are getting one! Do you know breed, name? Love to talk more when SD arrives. Mine went for further training. Now I'm learning what he knows. Sometimes wish he could just say...Hooman, this is how you do it! Know you will have a great helper. Congratulations.


I am okay but not okay. K is the same
We've seen the vet, doctor & police.

K is recovering and is super quiet and sleeping a lot.

I am hurting and pinging off every hard surface and feel vulnerable atm. This incident raises many big issues for me so am trying to capture it and put it away or at least control it and prevent it from ripping through my life.


K back at the vet today again she's just been no good at all. Vet now says she has internal bruising and so she's on a broth diet for a couple of days. No exercise just rest and generally that's all she wants to do.

Despite hurting she still wants to eat and is looking like I have cut her throat. ha! Poor little girl.

Given some special salts and pink peppermint stuff to inject into her mouth twice a day. And some pain relief which is making her even more stary. She's almost drunk all of the salted water already - guts. The vet said she will not like the pink stuff but frankly her beagleness is outstripping her distaste for it and she is licking it up.

I am making her some chicken broth atm. Will cool it down over-night and give her some during the day tomorrow. Then tomorrow night she is having home made chicken n rice soup, same for Wednesday then back to the Vet for another check over on Thursday. Maybe some more x-rays.

She slept by the heater in her basket all day today. Poor little girl. I am having surges and waves of wanting to go out and hunt this c*nt down and kill him - or smash his head in or something. Who kicks a dog like that?

I feel bad that he went ballistic on her. I have bruising on my arms and back of the head and on my left shoulder..swelling etc going back to the doctor in a few days.


K is sticking to me like velcro - her confidence is badly shaken. Idk what to do. Just being giving her lots of rubs and soothing words. Hands on her body, gently urging her to heal.

I sat her basket next to my desk and she just slept and drank and curled up again and back to sleep. It's fairly quiet with just me working at my desk so I guess this is a good as any place. I find her staring at me now and then. Wonder what she is making of us very strange humans.

I want my sons to come and visit. But both are undergoing lockdowns so there's no way that's going to happen. Maybe it's just as well because my youngest wants to hunt him down too.

I am taking some pain relief so I can sleep without waking up every time I move in bed. Still not a solid sleep though.


I have told them what happened. They are of course concerned but are in the midst of a lockdown too. We have zoomed. They have nothing to add to what I have been doing. It will just take time.

I have to go visit my mother on Friday and stay a couple of days. She needs some care... it's going to be a full on weekend after a tough week.

K is liking the chicken stews I have been making her. I hope she doesn't get too attached to them because I am a die hard kibble proponent so as soon as she's mended she will get a big shock. She must be feeling a little brighter because she's been bugging me a bit today, wanting to be entertained, wanting to go outside and lay in the sunshine... the only sunshine we've had for what feels like months. So in and back, in and back out again. Make up your mind!! ha!


K greeted me with tail wagging today and happily chewed on a soup bone for a few hours. She's getting back her juju. She is more interested in what is going on around her and chased a couple of trespassing magpies from her yard.

Not taking her for walks yet a) I am too tired and sore b) do not want to run into sh*t head again. c) K is looking calm and I don't want to rock the boat. We can play outside in the yard if she is up to it.

Big, big day so off to bed for us both.