Getting A Service Dog.

I just can't deal with his drama and I'm so disappointed in how he acted.

^Oh me also. I am a good older sis and I am saying that modestly. I am a good listener and I do a lot of it with her life and all of the drama. And I too am angry that she wants so much, takes so much but will give nothing back. I wonder about cutting her loose too... I have already done this to two siblings though so perhaps adding her to the list might take further consideration and right now, I'd rather see if appealing to her via email might help.

Whilst she has a lot to deal with and I get that, been there and done that and yet I can still see she has so much to be very, very grateful for and at some point to stop the inward focus, at least for a moment or too, and look at the life that is literally passing.

Perhaps she cannot cope with that and I am being too harsh. Even if that is so, she is old enough now to recognise that I cannot do it all - again - on my own. If she will not physically help with some things then she should organise for some more real time, practical supports. I am going to write her an email and set out what and why she ought to assist. If she doesn't and elderly family have an accident (highly likely) then - though I hate the 'I told you so routine' and will not go there... I will be saying I am not be turning my home into a ad hoc nursing home because not enough was done when it needed to be. The consequences will be what they are.