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Getting A Service Dog.

I just can't deal with his drama and I'm so disappointed in how he acted.

^Oh me also. I am a good older sis and I am saying that modestly. I am a good listener and I do a lot of it with her life and all of the drama. And I too am angry that she wants so much, takes so much but will give nothing back. I wonder about cutting her loose too... I have already done this to two siblings though so perhaps adding her to the list might take further consideration and right now, I'd rather see if appealing to her via email might help.

Whilst she has a lot to deal with and I get that, been there and done that and yet I can still see she has so much to be very, very grateful for and at some point to stop the inward focus, at least for a moment or too, and look at the life that is literally passing.

Perhaps she cannot cope with that and I am being too harsh. Even if that is so, she is old enough now to recognise that I cannot do it all - again - on my own. If she will not physically help with some things then she should organise for some more real time, practical supports. I am going to write her an email and set out what and why she ought to assist. If she doesn't and elderly family have an accident (highly likely) then - though I hate the 'I told you so routine' and will not go there... I will be saying I am not be turning my home into a ad hoc nursing home because not enough was done when it needed to be. The consequences will be what they are.
Today I booked K and myself on a plane. Not exactly an inspiring confidence building experience. The lady who did the booking didn't know the procedure for booking a service dog on the plane.

Honestly... well I don't work in that area and I truly am relying on you knowing what the f you are doing lady.

Fiddling with the mouse and trying to smile with your eyes (mask?) doesn't compensate for having a procedure manual and at least having an idea. Or how about asking someone who does - novel concept I know....

Anyway, she got stuck on one form which she wasn't sure needed to be filled in before I booked or after? I mean I want to fly in six weeks time so it mentioned submission of the form at least 2 weeks prior to flying....so I reasoned.... let's do the form, send it to the airline, book the tickets and let me get the hell out of here???

Now I have to go back to collect the tickets because she said it would take a few hours for them to get printed. Did she need to chop a tree down and make paper... idk anymore. So I reluctantly agreed to return and collect them.

It was the end of a long day of ppl making ridiculous complaints about sh*t just sh*t... and I step out of my totally responsible role, rip my hat off and have to deal with a so called 'expert' who is stumped by a service dog... aaargh..

What is so hard about this? She (K) has flown more miles than me in the last couple of years and always, always in with the handler. She is already registered with the airline - something they say you only need to do once.

I got out of there feeling more than drained. K had the right idea... she stretched out under my chair whilst I was held prisoner by this woman's inadequacy and incompetence, and went to sleep. Good girl, smart girl!

Oh well, job done. Now just hope that C19 doesn't spoil my plans and it takes another year to see my family.
I bought a car yesterday. I am relieved I have finally made a decision. I don't buy cars often. This is the fourth for my entire life and the first in 23 years.

It'd all be amazing if I didn't have to wait a year for it.. thanks C19, thanks micro-chip shortages, fire's in factories, thanks supply chain issues and thanks big cargo ships going slow and disputes on the docks. Just thanks.

My present car is literally on it's last - my mechanic and I speak in hushed tones when we discuss her problems and I'm careful not to mention in her presence that I have a new one on the way, lest she get depressed and stop working.

My family have called for a public holiday in honour of my decision to buy another car.

Until I get this car though if I have to do big miles to visit anyone it will be either at night or in a hire car because the air-conditioning just took a dive and I would literally have to import parts from the other side of the world to fix it. Nope... old fashioned air-con - windows down ha will do.. oh and being a ninja with finding shady parking places. Poor K - may spend a little bit more time in her crate nibbling on a bone.... sigh... on days when it is too hot to go out in a non air con car. I am sure she will be devastated.
Poor K - may spend a little bit more time in her crate nibbling on a bone.... sigh... on days when it is too hot to go out in a non air con car. I am sure she will be devastated.
Of course a K9 window mounted air conditioner would also transfer to the <whispers> new car <end whisper> so it wouldn’t be good money after bad.

If the new car ends up taking more time than patience allows for. 😉
Police use them, mostly… there are a few different types.

The main differences?
- AirCon v. Fans Only
- Engine Off or On v. Engine must be on v. Engine must be off
- Cools entire vehicle/compartment v. Cools kennel only

My personal fave is aircon compartment & works when engine is on/off, but I know a lot of people who just get the one the turns on when the engine turns off (it’s power supply charges whilst engine is on) because of the no-thinking-required, plus it’s assumed if the engine is on? You can turn on regular air conditioning. I’ve owned too many vehicles whose aircon is for shit. I want an entirely seperate unit.
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So today I had a showdown with my new acting boss. I wish the old boss would come back but it seems she may be settling into her secondment nicely, and doesn't want to.

The issue I had was that after many, many reassurances that 'consultations' would take place re hybrid working, suddenly without notice, two co-workers and my a/boss decided that I would be the patsy to do three days per week at the work place (for no good reason because the building is empty), and they would each do a day. This will add an hour a day of travel time for me, and an extra half hour (at least) set up, and breakdown for computers. and equipment.

So that's not fair, and there there was no consultation with me, because I was away for half a day taking some flex time, to go to the doctor because I was told I had to get rid of too much time I had accumulated.

When I got back to work this afternoon this decision had been made, and even embedded into a document. I was mighty upset about it so I worked for an hour or two, stood my ducks up in a row, and told her that this was not the type of 'consultation process' that had been described to me. This was instead an arbitrary decision that was unfair, and suited my co-workers just fine but did not even come near to being balanced.

Anyway, I was resigned to doing the three days at work, and two at home, and getting on with life but I had decided to file this in the back of my head, and never ever trust their consultative processes again. Time to start looking for a better employer if this was going to be how they dealt with employees. I really do think she was heavily influenced by the two workers who had the jump because I was not there to have any input.

Much to my surprise I think she decided that it was unfair or whatever too - I don't know but late this afternoon she called, and told me that I would do two days per week at work, and three at home. That leaves the other two workers to fight out who does two days and who does one. Good luck with that!

I am happy I actually had the guts to address this. I was considering stewing over it, and not advocating for myself. So this is a new me - asking for what I want. Today it worked out well. I know it will not always come out that I get what I ask for, and that is okay, but giving myself a pat on the back for asking that they at least do what they say.
So today has been up and down. The two co-workers have drawn each other's blood fighting over who must do two days and who must do one. lol

They are miffed with me too but have enough humility not to actually say so because they would leave themselves wide open to being told exactly what I think.

They have turned on each other and it's getting ugly. Glad I am not in the middle of that but how unfortunate.

There are three of us, why could we not decide to do one week on, two weeks working from home? Or any other equitable arrangement - very open to suggestions. Seeing the true character of these people at the moment.

This is the thing with working from home, I do not know who I am working 'with'.
I have been given permission to use the underground car-park when I go to work - hey! So even though on a 40 C day it will be hot, it won't be burning my fingers to touch the steering wheel, and K will be a little more comfortable. If I wind the windows down a little she'll get some air circulation albeit hot air. Anyway, that solves one issue for the moment.