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Getting A Service Dog.

We're starting a big journey in a few hours. Flying across the country. I am super excited - anxious and K is super duper suspicious.. like why the big bags at the door and why are my toys packed...I smell my food in that big bag and why have you locked up the whole house?

I know she has flown quite frequently in her early life and during training so I think she will be okay. Me not so sure... but I am going anyway. It's a big, big trip but must be done.

Take care everyone and if it's your thing celebrate Christmas. x
Hi @barefoot and you all. ❤️

I have been diagnosed with a major life-threatening medical condition and underwent emergency surgery.

Just got out of ICU after fourteen days and am now finally at home recovering.

I see the surgeon again in a few days, and commence further treatment in about three weeks. I am feeling quite rough to be honest.

Thanks for reaching out I hope you are all doing really well and are happy and healthy.

I have today, just logged on and am feeling super tired so will not be staying long. But if I can, I will come back soon.

My dog had to go stay with her trainer organization because there was no capacity for me to care for her at all. She came back to me yesterday and is totally spun out.

I am so emotional, I feel cheated and like I got a big trick played on me.

Anyway... catch you later.

I'm so sorry you've been so unwell, b. It really does sound rough.

You were such a big support for me during my time in hospital following surgery, I've always remembered that.
Sending you lots of support and strength back from across the ditch.
I really do hope you make a swift and full recovery from your current condition.
Sorry to hear it’s been such a tough time - the diagnosis, the surgery and the separation from dear K. I’m glad you are now reunited.

Pop back when you can, but not if you’re not up to it. Know that we’re here thinking of you and rooting for you.

Sending support and all good wishes across the globe.