Sexual Assault having to see him everyday



Hello, just as i said in the title. There's this unfortunate situation that I am going to have to be of close proximity with the person who raped me, with only one other person present. As you might imagine, that's very stressful, I can't even look him in the eyes and can't think about anything else but the thing. How do I stop that? Its out of the question to simply not go, so Id really really appreciate advice on how to cope with that.
I’m prior service military. Which means not only having to see my rapists day in & day out, but it’s jail-time & worse… to do anything different. So? There are only 2 options: going into work each day, knowing I’m going to be raped/ gang-raped that day, or the next, or both, & far, far worse.

How to not think about it? Be a f*ckin moron. Otherwise? It’s going to be in your head, because you’re not stupid.

If you can change jobs, without being raped to death? Or shot? Do that. FFS. If not? Hold strong and look for ways out.
I know you said the option of not going isn’t there, but: can you examine that more? Sometimes we put blocks on all options because we feel obligation or scared to speak up. So wondering if that is happening here?
if you are an adult, then there is the choice not to go.
if you are a minor, it’s harder as you don’t have the same level of autonomy.particularly if no one knows he raped you.