Hope I'll be the last diary I'll ever write


I don't feel I write here for me but to get popular or something (very discouraged 😞)
It's not unusual to feel this way in online communities.

Something that was helpful for me, when I first joined? Was practicing how I was here to support myself, and practicing shifting my thoughts whenever I started feeling like I needed someone to tell me that what I was posting was good, or right, or useful. I tried to focus on what I was getting from reading, instead of what was happening with likes, or responses. And slowly it got easier. It's helped me out a lot, actually, in terms of understanding how I relate with people in my 3-D life.

All we can do here is put our experiences out there, and find what can be helpful for ourselves as we share with others.

It's also easy to get over-absorbed in a new online community. Make sure that you're also taking time for self-care in your daily life, don't let sitting at the computer eat into the time you might spend getting some exercise, or fresh air.


So I didn't moved in. I'm supposed to be able to move in Friday if tings are OK this time. I'm back to group home fir the moment


The day was great because I pent it with a friend I didn't see in months. It was also awful because I couldn't move in because the key owner was in vacations. Everything is confused because that situation like never happens