Sexual Assault How do I explain a trigger to my autism worker and deal with it triggering me?


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I have to write what I'm specifically upset about with the bad day that happened with my autism worker. The main thing is that she triggered me by reminding me of person in my nightmare but really so she actually understands what I'm talking about I need to explain it all fully. I started writing it but I'm struggling to do it cause though I thought it wasn't bothering me so much it's triggering me a lot and I don't know what to do and I need to write it down. I'm struggling to have any words in my head even though it's never normally a problem for me to write things and think about them it's like my brain can't hold the words in my head long enough for me to put them on paper.


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I guess that’s the thing about being triggered…Our reaction/behaviour doesn’t always make sense to others as they try to make sense of it in the context of the hear and now - they don’t know/understand the other context(s) in play.

Perhaps you don’t need to worry too much about trying to make her understand? Even if you go into lots of detail (which it doesn’t sound like you want to do) she still may not get it anyway, and that may just cause you more stress and frustration?

I suppose that’s partly why I was asking about the reason for your reporting her. Because, you’re acknowledging that something she did triggered you (ie caused feelings/a reaction in you that is related to something else) and it also sounds like that was accidental/unintentional on her part. So, I’m wondering what led to this:

aside from you being triggered?
But no worries if you’d rather not get into that here.

I feel for you having to continue to meet with her and try to explain to her why you reacted as you did and why you reported her. I can imagine that might feel really awkward! I’m sorry you haven’t got another option of someone else to work with at the moment.
I don't feel bad for reporting her I had every right to. She acted completely unprofessionally.


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@barefoot and I didn't react at the time I just carried on drawing in the sand feeling uncomfortable and upset. It was only later on my own that I felt worse cried nearly self harmed struggled to sleep


I've already had a week break cause of the queen's jubilee and then I was at my sisters with parents babysitting and dog sitting so I missed Monday. The autism charity is busy they already expected me to have made a decision I can't have a break and I don't think that will make any difference anyway. The bridge is already half burnt since I don't trust her now.
Sometimes you have to just let things, and people, go. It's okay to burn bridges. It's healthy to burn some bridges. It's necessary to burn some bridges.