How do i relax my brain and body!?


New Here
I can not relax in any way. The more overwhelmed I feel the worst it gets. I get to the point of only sleeping a few hours a night. I don't dream but very seldom. My mind just won't shut off making sceneries to were I feel like everyone is out to screw me around, just real negative thinking about others snd myself. Then the it puts me to the point were im full of anxiety, very short in what I say and my voice holds a very angry tone. I've done the whole medication thing I'm recovering addict I'd rather abstain.
I am new here and I have been diagnosed with PTSD and trauma delayed onset coming through my mind and thought then the PTSD symptoms take hold of my body im glad I've found a site to talk about this as I feel like I'm alone and it's hard to bottle up all the thoughts etc

I also find it hard to settle and relax because of this and I have to ride with the PTSD symptoms and wait for the thoughts to go so I can sleep, relax, settle
When I showed up here the one thing that helped me the most was this:

When it comes to emptying your cup - you find your own road - with your T's help is often the best way.