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How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

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Haha, I don't mind at all Hope. I still haven't had a chance to have a bath yet! I'm still too sore to extend my arms *grumbles* But yes, Matt is thrilled. He's been digging tunnels and playing outside and Cougie has been bouncing and swimming through it. Thankfully it has not snowed yet again. I'm hoping this will drag out for another week! hehe

Today I am grateful that I am having more good days than bad days. The bad days are not as bad. In recent weeks, I have been able to see a dim light at the end of this dark tunnel. At least I hope so.
Recently I had a patient's wife comment on how we see the worst of the worst in the ER. Surprisingly, I told her we also get a chance to see the best of the best as well. I do see the worst and best of humanity in my patients, their families, my co-workers, and myself. This past year I haven't been able to see or feel anything beyond the worst. I am starting to catch a glimpse of the better parts of my own humanity, i.e. strength in weakness, my own bravery. It has been encouraging and motivating.

Take care of you and have a good day everyone.
Hectic - psychiatrist ordered 5 blood tests. Had to fast before I took them, so no eating or drinking from dinner last night until after the test this morning. I made it though! Now I just wait to see what they all say I guess. Now, time to write my last two papers of my second master's degree. Tomorrow is my last class!
I hate summer. Really. When my mind is still enough for me to sleep, the heat is doing its damndest to keep me awake.

My sis left to live in melbourne on monday, still am not letting myself even think about it, not really. It just hurts, makes me want to curl up in a ball and not go anywhere.

Onbe of the RNs at work is giving me the creeps, keeps giving me a hug. I mean, wtf. Yes you saw me break down, panic till I couldn't breath and just about passed out but dont ever ****ing tuch me. I hate being touched. I just, and he *GRRRRS*

I dont know if it is me being paranoid and over reacting. *tantrum*

I just *FGRRRRR*
LOL Gr-ass. Lately, I cringe when people touch me even though I know they are genuine and trustworthy.

I got through my appt. with the doc yesterday. It was not what I had expected nor as bad as I had expected. I was exhausted afterwards.
Crazy here. My son is officially 16 today. Have to make a cookie cake he wants but my head is splitting for third day in a row, but not so much I will go buy a foul tasting one pre-made for $50!

Little one has her birthday next Saturday and will be 4. So no more babies in the house.

She had to go to three dentists appointments this week. And be charged for them to tell me they won't do the actual work until she is 5 1/2 yo and then it will be $1500 more. And the way describe it it is really not a big deal! I swear I get a flash light out and you cannot see what the hell they are talking about.

Went out for breakfast with family and the place was packed and people had a 30 minute wait. I waited in the car until the table was ready. I was so ready to be outta there!!! This is the first "exposure" I have done since my anniversary.

Plus got hubby to pick up our mean cat so we could search him for a bite since he is dragging slowly around here. Sure enough dumbass went and took on yet another dog. Puncture wounds on his belly. Got him fixed up and medicated but still need to take him to vet Monday. I swear I have no idea what to do with this cat. Last time the bites were on his ass.

Then got news yesterday I think (my head is too full) that my teen daughter is pulling even more stupid shit so even my sister has now cut ties with her and this was usually my source to know what the brat is doing.

Have not bought a tree yet, and when I do I have to still by decor as I do not have a single strand of tinsel. And we are broke broke. Not entirely sure how the hell I am supposed to pull off Xmas. Grrrr. Guess I should go start on the giant cookie, think the butter is soft by now.
A very Happy Birthday to your son, Veiled! Sixteen is a big year. You sound incredibly busy, I hope all goes well today!
LOL, well still online. Tried to sneak off and do cookie and my younger son is trying to do a video chat party with his brother and I. They screwed up the camera so waiting for it to get back. Love technology, you can have the family together even when states away. And little one threw a fit being a typical 3 yo and I will never hear the end of it if she can't help! So gotta wait!
A few days ago was a bad day. Those little voices in my head were saying "do this, no do that".

Today is a great day. Feeling relaxed and happy. I'm even feeling that joyful Christmas spirit.

PTSD is so confusing sometimes. :dontknow:

I am having a pretty stressful day. The stupid cat... Well, I knew he was injured and moving slow. Even though he needs to be an indoor cat, when I rescued him he was outdoors and he always makes a mad dash for doors. Add in I had him neutered after I got him so he was already a year old then so he sprays any way so he will always remain partially out doors. Ass took off out the door last night while getting fire wood. Been at least 11 degrees below freezing all day and assume it was that over night at least. Have not seen him come back yet. I have left the back door open all day so I would see him if he did. Not sure where he is but know I need to get him to the vet in the morning, but hard to do if he is not home!

Bright side is lil' one wrote her first letter to Santa today. Need to go so I can help her put it in an envelope actually, she has it ready to load now LOL. It will be going in my "mommy box" instead of mail :)
Had a migraine most of the day. My anxiety is a little better today though. I am tired, I think I will go to bed.
I white knuckled it driving to work this morning. Ice storm last night and the driving wasn't so nice. I made it, and am home safe. Hate driving in the winter.
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