JFF - What temperature do you keep your home at?

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My wife and I joke that our temp preferences coincided for maybe a week or two in 1998.
LMAO... It’s always the way, isn’t it? IDFK which luxury car first introduced heating/cooling system that could keep the driver one temp & the passenger another... but I about fell out of my seat, when I first saw the commercial for it. Yep! THAT car-design engineer is married!!! 🤣 And freaking brilliant. As SOMEONE is always too hot, and someone is always too cold.


What a fun thread!
My partner is half Jamaican, so she likes the heat. The heating is always turned up. I keep saying it's like she's trying to smoke me out of the house.
I'm half Austrian. I love cold snowy weather, and hot mountain walks.
So: our house is a range of temperatures depending on who is home most, and who keeps changing the thermostat descreetly. 🤭

Tornadic Thoughts

Overnight, 68-70. Mornings, up to 74, sometimes 75. That all changes during summer months. The rest of the time it depends on the outdoor temps and how active I am. I can't stand to feel overheated or like I'm suffocating, especially overnight when I'm trying to sleep. I have a fan blowing on me for the breeze and white noise.

The hubby is more hot blooded than I am. However, cold hurts my body, so I have to be mindful of not getting chilled. He runs around in shorts and a t-shirt while I have on my fleece-lined leggings/wool thermals and hoodie with fuzzy-lined muk luk socks. Opposites surely do attract, it seems. lol


We keep the temp at 68 most of the year. I'm always cold and J is always hot. I walk around with multiple layers on and he has the fan blowing on him.

I get what I like to call "winter ass". My butt freezes in November and thaws in April. 😆 I am known to come home from work and get right into my flannel or fleece jammies. I wear a thick robe all the time.

We have one of those fake electric fireplaces and use it often in the winter. The furnace makes the back of the house too warm so the fireplace works well to heat the living room and kitchen.

My cousins live way up north in the frozen tundra and they have an outdoor wood burner that they use for heat, heated floors and hot water. Like the ondol but on a much larger scale. It is always nice and toasty in their home. They get a semi truck full of wood 2 or 3 times a year. The wood burner is HUGE. You can literally stand and walk in it.

I don't know how 68 in the summer is cool and I can walk around in shorts but 68 in the winter is cold and I need multiple layers to keep warm. ffs.
I always grew up with gas heat and that's what I have now. After having experienced radiator heat, electric baseboard heat (in Boston?! Really?!!), and ... uh, I don't know what to call it but heat coming from a single source in one room in a railroad apartment, gas heat is the only thing I'll accept in the future if we ever move out of this house. Plus, the ductwork tends to make adding central air conditioning trivial. We tried to get along without it once we moved in, and that only lasted one summer until a string of particularly brutal days over 100F/43C made us see the folly of our ways.

67F/19C in the winter, unless someone feels especially cold. Overnight we usually set the thermostat to 64F/17C.
74F/23C in the summer, night and day, unless someone feels especially hot.


When mom was alive, she was always cold (poor circulation) and liked the house in the 90s. I felt like a baked lobster but never said so.

Now that I'm alone, I keep it at whatever Mother Nature wants it to be. In the winter, I wear so many layers, I feel like the kid in the Christmas movie, too bundled up to move! My cats are happy in their thick fleece taco-blankets (I wouldn't want them to suffer!). My pipes have froze twice this year and the REAL cold hasn't hit yet.

I lived off-grid and learned a few redneck tricks to stay warm. The best is keeping myself and the cats in one room and heating it with a terra cotta planter (upside down) on a flat metal sheet and bricks around it to prevent flame mishaps. It will keep a bedroom warm for several hours. Why give my money to the power company and the gas company when I can give it to the auto mechanic?!

This style of heating is also a cooking/water heating method. For cooking, this way, I have a stainless steel roll-top oven and use metal camping plates. I pour the hot water in a bucket and wash dishes, then pour it outside. "Nature calls"?...to the outhouse! (Only used in the winter).

It sounds stupid, but inventions were born out of necessity and passed down to rednecks for generations! (Smile!) It probably saves me close to a thousand dollars a year. Sure, it's inconvenient...but not as inconvenient as walking many miles to the grocery store!

The only drawback is, I have more physical pain, but on the plus side, being chilly keeps anxiety down! Keeps bills WAY down! Last year, I was able to get my truck transmission fixed!

I can draw a diagram of this contraption if anyone is interested. The only cost is the candles, and those are affordable.

On my fixed income, this works!


I have gas central heating and radiators but only ever put it on between October and March / April if its chilly other times i have a open flame gas fire. Usually set to 18-20 celsius. I dont like it too hot so its set lower in the bedroom. Im not sure if its my meds or the menopause but im always hot so even in the middle of winter i like cool cotton sheets and most of the time ditch my pjs - my partner is the opposite and has on her more layers than an onion! Lol. In the UK it rarely gets that hot in summer but i have a mobile a/c unit in case it becomes unbearable ( used it twice i think and only for a few days)
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