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@JoeyLittle Update


As all long standing members know, @joeylittle has been the administrator of MyPTSD for many years now. I think close to a decade even. Unfortunately, I have had to remove her from administrator here for security purposes as she has not been here for two months now. Admin accounts have a lot of access that can do a lot of damage, hence site security. I did reach out to her and she is alive and well, but she is struggling and this seems to be a long-term matter with an unknown return date, if at all.

Do not get me wrong, if she returns and wants to take up administration here again, that will be the case. She is amazing at the role. I also understand if she doesn't, as this role takes a lot from a person dealing with a large group of people suffering mental health.

This is purely to keep the community informed as to why you haven't seen her here.
Oh no. 🙁

She has always been so great to me. I haven’t been here much at all lately so I didn’t notice she was gone. I hope that whatever she’s dealing with is/becomes manageable if not resolved/healed.

Sending you my best, JoeyLittle.