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Journaling - Does Anyone Else Find It Helpful To Be More Open?


I've just ordered myself the cutest little "wellbeing journal" it looks really good. I've done bits of journaling before but didn't stick with it. I'm hoping if I can get back to journaling, it will go some way to helping me be more open with my therapist. She made a comment about how I was "insular" and I've only just found out this means being within myself and not opening up/holding things in. I don't want to be like that anymore. You know, in June, it will be a year that I've been speaking to her?! Looking at it from that perspective, I understand what she means....I haven't really let much slip with her and its not her, she is pretty great....it's me, I know it. Does anyone else journal and found it helped to be more open?
I've tried a few times but struggle to be honest... which I guess is somewhat the point. I've cut it down instead and try and write down three emotions I've had each day, which isn't easy for someone who dissociates at the drop of a hat... Helps me dip my toe into being present without completely spiraling. I'm in awe of people who can write diaries/ blogs etc and not fall of the face of the earth in the process, but I really see how it's helpful.

Do you plan to share your journal with your T or is it more just for you to practice/ reflect etc? It sounds a really positive step 🌻
That's what trauma diaries are here.....as a member you can do public or private diaries.

I find my public one helpful because 9 times out of 10 - somebody else is working on the same stuff and can help you see what you can't - or just cheer you on.
i hold journaling as one of my more important therapy tools. i save my attempts to write prize winning works of art for another step. in my therapy journal, i write stream of consciousness without worrying grammar, spelling, etc. scratch outs okay. i'm multi-lingual, so i write in whatever language(s) i am thinking/feeling in. under the influence of psychic distress, my languages mix horribly.

posilutely, it helps me be more open in therapy and most the rest of my life. it is far easier to be open, in general, after i have found the words for ^it^.
My journal on here is 💯 part of helping me heal. And people's responses help. Also to take me out of the 'insular' thing by giving a different perspective and helping me in many ways to see that feelings are not facts, feelings are messages, feelings pass. And how hyper viligence shows up and how our brains can lie to us or how we get rigid in our thinking etc.
Things I write and say here, I may or may not say to T. So it's another place to help and explore.
I've got a few journals, one for creative writing or poems, one for dreams or stuff that I haven't made sense of, one for stream of consciousness writing.This is like my own therapy, it helps me find things that are hidden in my unconscious and creativity helps me express emotions and thoughts often related to trauma through imagery.

I have worked with imagery in therapy too and I find it much easier to share where I'm at this way.

I have one on here also, but to share publicly is something I push myself to do (to be less insular) and I'm not sure how helpful it is for me.