Last movie or tv series you watched?


The Walking Dead.

It's amazing to me that in a zombie apocalypse, only one group of good people make it. I'm sure that wouldn't be the case. I don't think the world is 90% bad.

Bridgerton. You could probably guess the plot, but the costumes and sets are beautiful and the actors are engaging. Easy for folks with PTSD to watch.


I finally watched The Wire over the past few weeks. It made me more empathetic to the lives of young men growing up in places that don't have a reputation for turning out law-abiding young men. The juxtaposition of young and black being bad and white and in positions of authority being good was very slowly and meticulously melted down and put in question, even reversed, and eventually squarely put to rest. A more satifying outcome would have been seeing that all people have a common good among them, but unfortunately, the common denominator was the evil shared among most of the characters. The point of the whole thing seemed to be that even though you are a bad ass you might run into a badder ass around the next corner- lots of corners, lots of badder asses. A rough life for sure.


The last movie I watched was called My Beautiful Broken Brain on Netflix. It is a documentary about a young woman who suffers a stroke and struggles to grasp the language and mobility she once had.
I found that much of the language she used to describe her plight went hand in hand with how I feel, and I'm sure others, in regards to C/PTSD. It was an enlivening watch and I'd highly recommend it.


New Here
I tried watching a bit of Derry Girls last night. I couldn't concentrate on anything but their Irish accents! Had no idea what was going on lol - really made me laugh that they took the mick out of the new English guy though! It's weirdly accurate to the way people from Ireland are with us 😂

I'm a fan of comedy, anything from Micheal McIntyre or John Mulaney stand up I recommend!
Also, The Social Network was really interesting to me! And really, really accurate (and eye opening).