Last movie or tv series you watched?


I will start.

Movie: Hidden Figures. Highly recommend.

Tv series: Bates Motel: I am strangely intrigued by it. Perhaps it makes me feel better about my life lol.
I felt the same way about Bates Motel. Lol. I was very drawn into this series and it did make me feel a tad better about my life. Easy to binge this dark series. It had hints of Twin Peaks maybe. Good acting in it. One of my old classmates Joshua Leonard of Blair Witch "fame" made a cameo in it as a psychologist but over acted in his scene in the basement I think. I also got drawn to Criminal minds but I might have got over that phase. Bates Motel was good.
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock. Only problem is, Charles Gray is playing Mycroft and every time he speaks I keep thinking he's going to say 'in an empty house' in true Rocky Horror Picture Show fashion.


Great series, sure wish they had finished before Jeremy passed.

Finished watching the Weekend Premier League Matches from the weekend. Not a game I didn't watch all of. Very close matches.


Watching last years NRL Grand Final. Brings home the fact rugby needs to do some work on rules and add "unfortunate or unavoidable" to the rules so guys don't end up missing games for breaking a rule by not doing anything wrong.