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Log Your Daily Exercise

I just discovered a great at home exersize. Get a chin up bar in a door and get a stool. Ideally your legs will be totally compressed when you go down and your head not banging the ceiling at the top lol. Adjust stool height as needed it just so happens mine is perfect.

No you can do controlled pull ups and deep knee bends at the same time. This will get you in shape if you do it regularly. Light weight, high reps. Your back legs arms and biceps can all be working together.

I can't do a single real chin up right now and I'm doing push ups on my knees so I'm going very easy and that's all you have to do really. If you do a lot of reps you'll feel a real burn in the muscle. I don't care that it won't make me strong because I'm not doing weight, (That's my old coach in my head) my arthritis is so bad I shouldn't be lifting heavy things anyway lol

You can do it for cardio too. I can't, I sweat too much lol.
I am doing some exercises designed to improve leg strength that my physical therapist taught me last week. I have been having a lot of pain and difficulty walking, (probably due to a circulation problem), and I wanted to improve my ability to walk as much as I can. It includes a lot of stretching, bending, and leg lifts, etc.
but I bought a new scale.....LOL.
^I don't have a pair of scale's.

But I do cheat and use my gp's when I go to see her occasionally. :sorry:

I'm not sure I believe in scales because there are so many things that weight can mean.

For instance, muscle weighs more than fat and being dehydrated can skew the results.

Can you do your bmi? - That's possibly more helpful unless you have a unique physique.
Well, my unique physique is overweight and I do have a pr of scales (bought 2...one for a Xmas gift for a friend, and one for me...teehee). I'm only looking for a trend line, you know a slope line (recall slope in algebra?) and as long as it is overall a negative slope.....I'm happy. Actually, with the holidays coming....0 slope would be adequate till the New Year. ;)
^Righto then... but remember small blips up and down are not indicative of a trend.. weighing yourself more than weekly is likely to cause confusion and concern when it isn't necessary.

Nope...food is my addiction-it's not like drugs where if you didn't do the addiction that day....you can check that box for the day. It is about what I eat....and because my body isn't connected well, and I have no hunger pains, and I don't eat when I should, it is hard. I'll go without....then eat the wrong stuff....too much weight makes movement hard....and for me 30-40 lb excess....hurts. I got a new scale,
(the old one had bad juju.....) and will start to attend to the once a week policy when January 1 comes. Trying to modify what I eat during the holiday....so very challenging.
^Never heard of juju being attached to inanimate objects but ok. :)

^Drink five litres of water a day? Before you eat, have a glass of water.
^Never heard of juju being attached to inanimate objects but ok. :)

^Drink five litres of water a day? Before you eat, have a glass of water.
My new house had bad juju. when the abuse started up again..thought about getting it blessed and sprinkled with sage and whatever else would cleanse a house. LOL
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