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Log Your Daily Exercise

I’m working from home but since everything is closed I can finish in an hour if I push it. I just turn off the screen saver so the computer doesn’t sleep and shows I’m still logged in. 😂😂😂 started walking at 0630 then went to my range and set up targets. Loaded 100 rounds of 7.62 last night to practice a little. Can still do head shots out to 800 meters so when the zombie apocalypse comes I’m good to go. 😂
There is a long hallway in our building and I walk up and down it several times a day. Out the front window near the front door are three beautiful flowering trees. Out the back door window I can sometimes watch my neighbor walking his new puppy. These things give me incentive.
I needed to find a safe space. I thought of a creek near my home that has little foot traffic near it. Each morning this week, I get up early enough to do the one hour walk there and back. When I'm at the creek, it is a place to watch the water, listen to the birds, hear the rush of the water, and to know that right then, I'm safe.
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