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Relationship Long term GF broke up with me due to her dissociation



Gonna keep this short. I’ve been dating this girl for the last 3 years. Everything of our relationship was great. We even have multiple pets that we raised since they were born and moved to a new city to start our lives. Well a week ago she broke up with me due to her dissociation. I known she’s struggled with this since we were friends and i always did my best to help. Well now i am torn to pieces and confused but i am going to allow her her space and place to heal. I want to be friends with her and keep contact and she does too. She said she can’t lose me but we can’t date either. However i have to move out of our house and i just feel pretty lost. I want to know how I can be there for her and not over step my boundaries. I want her to know i love her and want to wait for her without making her feel rushed/ overwhelmed. She’s my best friend and honestly can’t even picture myself going on a date with anyone else. I just need advice on how I can help her but also allow her enough room to grow on her own? I also would like to have her feel what life would be without me but that’s just selfish. I know she needs support but I’m just so lost. I love her more than anything, she’s my girl
I want to know how I can be there for her and not over step my boundaries

You are stepping over her boundaries now honestly. She says she want to be friends but she cannot date you. You want her to date you, and all your motivation is to get her to date you again.

Stop. Step back. Reassess.

You cannot help her by doing or saying anything. All you can do is respect her boundaries. She doesn’t want to date. If you stay in contact with her you need to be OK just being friends, not being friends “until she gets better and dates you again.”